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Gladwin, Andi (editor): Another Bite of the Cherry: Cheetah's Handbook Volume 2
©2006 Underground-Collective
Paper, 68 Pages
Another Bite of the Cherry

Comments: Limited to 250 copies from (now out of print - Oct 2007)

Contents (numbers are not page number):

1 Under Control (Luke Dancy): Control a card to the bottom while it apparently remains outjogged in the middle
2 Sweet Cherry Living (Kostya Kimlat): two cherry stems become fused
3 BVA (John Bodine): quick routine makes use of the Asher Twist
4 21 Forever (Jamie Badman): uses Badman's Underground Change in a Blackjack game
5 Meester Twister (Jack Parker): a Twisting the Aces with Queens and Jokers, and then Aces!
6 Cherry Bomb (Tyler Wilson): a cherry is drawn on a card, placed in the magician's mouth, then removed and the cherry's stem is tied
7 Just One Rubber & Get Your Knot Off (John Bodine): Torn & Restored rubber band
8 Three Card Location Too (Colin Miller): three spectators cut to a card and the magician determines the cards
9 Full Mental Racket (Andi Gladwin): version of Syd Segal/JC Wagner's A Logical Lesson
10 Wings (Kostya Kimlat): eaten and restored chicken wing!
11 Two Minds Without a Single Thought (Jack Parker): spectator selects and cuts cards, and ends up with a King on top of each packet
12 E.J. Sandwich (Rob James): signed selection appears between Aces previously placed on the table (needs the Pass)
13 Cheetah's Cellphones (Luke Dancy): ideas for Cellphone magic
14 Nightmare (Robert Moreland): Cannibal Cards routine using Robert's Ascanio Spread Finesse
15 Whiplash (Andi Gladwin): Two spectator selections and the magician's selection are all placed in the magician's hands, the spectator's hands placed on top of the magician's. When the magician opens his hands, the selections are gone to be found back in the deck