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Ginn, David: Partly Unpublished
©1993 David Ginn, Scarlett Green Pub, GA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 72 pages
Partly Unpublished
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David Ginn: Partly Unpublished

Comments:Also available as an e-Book


2 Intro #3 Who Am I?: introduction
3 Wordless Warm-Up: for pre-schoolers
4 Banner Warm-Up: getting your name on stage
5 Need an Assistant? anecdote
6 Warm-Up Mouthful: a poem of sorts
7 Little Coin Vanish: for a small coin, like a dime
8 Sponge Ball Rabbit: 5 min routine using Goshman's Miracle Rabbit, Growing Ball, and a comedy wand
13 Guitarzan in Jungle: anecdote
14 Jungle Show in News: news clippings
15 Indiana Jones and the Rabbit Bucket: producing a rabbit, kid-show style
17 Bunny Bucket Canadian Style: another approach
20 Carry a Camera: a tip
22 The Farmer and Witch - How I Told the Story: From Tarbell
27 Kapt. Karl's Phone Call: clever wrong number routine
28 Poster in a Hurry: tip
28 Job Tips (Read �em): tip
29 Suitcase Dog: idea for comedy suitcase or magic stand/table
30 Cereal Boxes: comedy using popular cereal brands
30 Weather Conditions: a few weather jokes
31 Sense and Nonsense: silly lines
32 Funny Magazines: comedy with popular magazines
34 The Big Red Card: gag Jumbo card trick insert
40 Human Calculator: comedy mentalism
41 Big Baby Bottle: soda bottle used for baby clothes production
41 Lawyers in Court: clown gags
44 Measle Bag Update: change bag routine
46 No-Mess Cake Bake: for dove pan cake
54 Clap for Cardboard Cat: getting applause
55 Gene Gordon on Kidbiz: a thorough review!
59 Multiplying Bananas: another version of Dan Garrett's trick
64 Super Bunny: gags for a rope-rabbit from hat
66 New Technology for Magic: use of some printing technology
70 Book Help: thanks section to all who helped
71 Dedication to Harold Taylor
72 Finished: closing remarks