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Ginn, David: Magic That Moves Me
©1971 David Ginn
Softcover, 77 Pages
Magic That Moves Me
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David Ginn: Magic That Moves Me



7 Chapter One: Good Morning

11 Chapter Two: "The Opener Had Better Be Good!"
11 Triple Cloth Production
12 Twin Appearing Canes
13 One Hand Dove in Balloon

15 Chapter Three: School Show Magic
16 Triple Load Phantom Tube
17 A Musical Opening
18 Raising Hands Gag
18 From a Pair of Gloves
20 Keeping Kids Off Stage
20 The Basket
22 Carrying Equipment
22 Twentieth Century and Water

30 Chapter Four: Always Ready
30 A Dissolving Knot Complicated
32 Coin in the Leaf
33 Emergency Rope and Scissors
33 The Summer Silk

36 Chapter Five: Fooled and Fooled and Fooled Again
36 Fraidy-Cat Rabbit
39 White Dirt
40 Double Hippity-Hop Rabbits

44 Chapter Six: Just for Laughs
46 The Snap Coin Vanish
47 The Snap Peanut Vanish - In the Car
47 Stretching the Sleeve
48 Every Card! - Except One
48 Ridiculous Wrist Watch Production
50 David Ginn's Original Fantastic Bare Hand Live Elephant Production

52 Chapter Seven: Getting the Show on the Road
52 Packing
52 Bags
53 Silks
53 Shoes
53 Look Big, Pack Small
54 In Your Pockets
54 The Accessory Kit
54 Electricity

56 Chapter Eight: The Ring, Rope, and Appearing Cane - a television routine

62 Chapter Nine: The Three O'Clock Train
64 Part One - The Comedy Sketch
68 Part Two - The Ghost Appears
70 Part Three — Triple Substitution
74 Final Notes

76 Chapter Ten: Good Night