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Ginn, David: The Magic 13
©1972 by David Ginn, GA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 20 pages
The Magic 13
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David Ginn: The Magic 13

Comments: From the introduction: "People constantly asked David Ginn to tech them some magic, so from their requests this book came to life. This book is a collection of 13 simple magical mysteries designed to be easy enough for children to perform, yet baffling enough for anyone who wants to fool his friends at a party. From learning and performing magic you can teach yourself many things. Things like communication with people, skills with your hands, the self-discipline needed for work and practice, and ---most important---the use of your mind to create "miracles' and thus entertain others."

Contents (courtesy Jacky Kahan at

3 Magic And You
7 Orange To Real Apple
8 A Case Of Mental Telepathy
8 String Through The Thumb
10 The Magnetic Ruler
10 Coin Under The Hat
11 The Disappearing Quarter
11 21 Card Mastery
14 Penetrating Toothpicks
17 The Disappearing Diamond
18 Magic Handkerchief Production