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Ginn, David: Fantasio's Cane and Candle Book 2
©1973 David Ginn, GA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 50 pages
Fantasio's Cane and
              Candle Book 2
Image courtesy e-Bay seller BobbyFan1
David Ginn: Fantasio's Cand and Candle Book 2

Comments: Illustrations by Bill Blackard


3 Intro #9 (David Ginn)
7 A Word by Fantasio

9 Tips With Fantasio's Canes and Candles
9 General Tips
10 Washing Canes and Candles
10 Candle Hole in Your Silk
11 Preventing Evaporation
11 Candle to Silk Idea
11 Loading Silks in a Cane

13 Magic With Fantasio's Canes
13 Cane Openers
16 Color Change With Assistant
17 Cane to Pearls
17 The Lecture Rod
18 Gledhill's Cane Release
19 Moreno's Color Change
19 Baker's Silk on Cane
20 Fantasio's Silk Serenade
20 20th Century Cane and Silks
24 Vanishing Cane and 18-Inch Silk
25 Cane to Ribbons
25 Cane to Lit Candle
27 Ring and Cane
29 Dove Production Plus Color Changing Cane
29 Neat Twist Color Change
30 Ghirardi's Multiplying Canes
32 Fantasio's Card Sword Cane

39 Magic With Fantasio's Candles
39 Candle in Clear Plastic
41 Candle, Silk, and Plastic Bag
42 Paper Tube Candle Vanish
42 Paper Bag Candle Vanish
42 Baker's Clean Candle Vanish
44 Getting the Silk Under Your Thumb
45 Twin Candle Attachment
46 Candle to Bouquet Variation
46 Zombie Vanishing Candle
46 Silk and Lighter
47 Le Wayne's Flash Vanish
48 18-Inch Silk for Twin Vanish
48 Color Changing Candle
49 Le Rae's Candelabra Routine