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Ginn, David: Close-Up A-Ginn
©1974 David Ginn, GA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 32 pages
Close-Up A-Ginn
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David Ginn: Close-Up A-Ginn

Comments: Also available as an e-book. From the intro: "Effects on pages 4, 5, 8, 11 & 13 originally appeared in GENII, THE CONJUROR’S MAGAZINE. Effects on pages 7,10, & 27 first appeared in the author's "One Man Parade" in the July, 1972 , issue of THE LINKING RING MAGAZINE. All other effects in CLOSE-UP A-GINN are appearing in print for the first time."


5 Close Up A Ginn: introduction

7 Handfuls of Money
7 Boy Do the Coins Jump Out!: quarter to half to handful of dimes (must be seated at table)
8 Shake Hands, Coin Appears: after shaking hands, a coin appears in magician's hand
11 My Coin Clip: made with a paper clip
12 Trio Plus One for Two Coins: using two large coins
13 Coin Sandwich: coin production from playing cards
14 The John Pitts Dollar Bill Trick: gag

15 Them Changes
15 The Gold Ball: small glass marble changes to gold ball
16 Gem-Clipped: paper clip links to finger ring
17 Scratch One Card: impromptu 14 card trick
18 Balls on the Ribbon: cotton balls and ribbon dropped into a tube become tied together (lapping)
19 Safety-Pinned: a safety pin becomes pinned to a napkin, then a string of smaller pins appears
20 Scissors and Ribbon: cut and restored ribbon using special scissors
22 Green With Envy: black and white marbles are dropped into spectators hand, when the magician takes one and they are all green

23 Da Card You Picked
24 My Favorite Card Force
24 Labeled In Gold Foil: using gold foil labels, 3 ideas
27 Card In Pumpkin: variation of Card in Orange
28 Blowing Out the Pips: visual card magic
29 Big Card, Paper Bag: Jumbo card revelation
30 Card Locations: 8 ideas
30 Back Door Card: a home idea
31 Card in Clear Plastic: a wrong card revelation