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Gilbert, Ron: Host of Ideas Lecture Notes
©1989 Ron Gilbert, Dorset
Softcover, saddle-stitched, A5
              Of Ideas Lecture
Image courtesy eBay seller EarlofMansfield
Ron Gilbert: Host of Ideas Lecture

Comments: Notes accompanied Lecture presented at the 1989 IBM (British Ring) Convention at Scarborough. From the introduction, "Although they are loosley termed 'notes', I sincerely hope that they are more than just that, enabling you to fully understand and appreciate the effects described without having to further refer to anything else. Thus if you hav'nt witnessed the lecture, then these pages will describe for you the effects listed."

Contents (from book ToC, number are not page numbers):

1 Moon Disc
2 An Easy Force
3 The Ronbox
4 Puffing Billy
5 Knife Through Coat
6 Potty Plaques
7 The Mystery Box
8 Park Chair Addition
9 Valleda Again!
10 Ribbon Fun
11 Balloon Fun Routine
12 The Prize Quiz