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Gilbert, B.L.: Patter Chatter Number Two
©1922 B.L. Gilbert Novelty Magic Co., IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x7", 29 pages
Patter Chatter
              Number Two
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B.L. Gilbert: Patter Chatter Number Two

Comments: Wordy patter for various effects. You generally need to know how the effect works to put these to use.


i Preface
1 Comedy Opening Remarks
1 Burlesque Mind Reading Act
4 Burlesque Fortune Telling Cards
6 Fire Eating Act
7 Flowers From Paper Cone
8 Patriotic Billiard Balls
8 Silk Handkerchief Combination
9 Rising Cards With Variation
10 Diminishing and Enlarging Cards
11 The Color Changing Balls
12 The Bewitched Umbrella
13 Torn and Restored Paper
15 Spirit Séance in Lighted Room
17 Ring in the Egg
17 Floating Magnetic Wand
19 Cards Passing Into Pocket
20 The Spirit Paintings
21 Chinese Linking Rings
22 Wine and Water Passe Passe Effect
23 Devil's Message Card Trick
24 Wonderful Floating Ball
25 Restored Card in the Lemon
26 Aerial Gold Fishing
27 Hindoo Water Lota
28 Guinea Pig or Dove Bottle
29 Canister, Bird Cage and Bird