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Gilbert, Alfred C.: Handkerchief Tricks for Boys
1920 A. C. Gilbert Co. New Haven, Conn
Hardcover, 81 pages (original)
Also available in Softcover

Handkerchief Tricks
              for Boys
Image courtesy e-Bay seller VintageTrix
              Tricks for Boys
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Comments: Some of the descriptions are a bit brief, but overall a very useful book on handkerchief magic. Available as an e-Book from The Learned Pig Project


4 Forward
5 Manual of Handkerchief Tricks: introduction
8 Essential Apparatus For an Evening's Entertainment With Handkerchief Tricks: portable stands
9 The Opening Trick: production with a hank ball
20 Dyeing a Handkerchief: color change
24 The Conjurer As a Dyer: three white handkerchiefs change to three different colors
26 The Handkerchief Vanisher: pull
27 The Mirror Glass: described
28 The Disappearing Handkerchief From a Lamp Chimney: silk vanishes from clear glass tube
29 Herman's Vanishing Knots: from tied silks - Alexander Herman
32 Stretching a Handkerchief: optical illusion
33 Instantly Knotted Handkerchiefs
34 The Vanishing Ring from Goblet of Water By Means of a Handkerchief: ring is heard to drop in the glass, yet vanishes
35 The Burnt Handkerchief Restored: a small corner of handkerchief is burned and restored
36 Juggling: handkerchief is spun on top of a walking cane
37 Producing a Handkerchief in Full View From a Glass: water is poured from a glass, then a silk appears in the glass
38 Handkerchief Cassette: handkerchief vanishes from a small tube
39 Drum Head Tube: and its use described
41 Magic Flag in Candle: flag produced from a lit candle
44 Invisible Flight or Color Changing Handkerchiefs
45 An Easy Way to Vanish a Handkerchief: in newspaper cone

48 Handkerchief Tricks You Can Make Yourself
48 Goldin Color Change: color changing handkerchief
50 Flag Between Handkerchiefs: advanced version of above
52 The Chameleon Color Change: another gimmicked color change
53 Triple Alliance: an instant triple color change
55 Blendo: Red, White, and Blue Silks form into American Flag
56 Valadon Flag Trick: red, white, blue tissues are burnt and turn into three ribbons, then into an American Flag
59 Changing Three Silk Handkerchiefs Into Different Colors: another approach

61 How to Vanish Things From Handkerchiefs
61 The Invisible Hen: Miser's Dream with eggs, a hat, and a handkerchief
63 Vanishing Card From Handkerchief: using a commercial gimmick card
64 Match In Handkerchief: wooden match is broken an restored

65 Removing Ring From String Under Handkerchief: Jardine Ellis sized ring, simple approach
66 Passing a Ring Through a Handkerchief: finger ring vanishes from under handkerchief
67 Vanishing Coin From Glass: Coin heard to drop in glass of water but vanishes
69 The Flying Handkerchief: handkerchiefs transpose to glasses
71 Appearing Handkerchief and Candle Trick: handkerchief vanishes and is found around a candle
73 New Decanter Handkerchief Appearance: flower appears in center of clear glass decanter
76 Vanishing Handkerchief From Hand: uses a TT
78 Egg and Handkerchief Trick: Marked egg vanishes and is found in a glass
79 Table Stand and Appearing Handkerchief: handkerchief appears in glass on table