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Gilbert, Albert C.: Coin Tricks for Boys
©1920 A.C. Gilbert Co., Connecticut
Hardcover, 60 pages
Also published in softcover format
Coin Tricks for
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor
A.C. Gilbert: Coin Tricks

Comments: "Designed to Teach Coin Conjuring to Boys in a Simple Manner, and to Provide Entertainment of an Unusual Character"


3 Foreword

5 Coin Tricks: introduction
9 Finger Palming
10 Palming Coin
10 The Back and Front Palm
13 Back Index Finger Palm
14 To Produce the Coin at the Tip of the Fingers
15 Front Thumb Palm
16 To Produce the Coin From the Thumb Palm to the Tips of the Fingers
16 To Back-Finger-Palm the Coin From the Palm
17 Back-And-Front-Palming More Than One Coin
17 Vanishing Coin From Closed Hand
21 A Pretty Finish to the Vanishing Coin From Closed Hand
22 To Apparently Pass a Number of Coins From One Hand Into the Other and Then Make Them Instantly Disappear and Reappear Somewhere Else
24 Another Method of Vanishing Coin From a Closed Hand
25 The Miser's Dream

31 Tricks That Do Not Require So Much Sleight of Hand
31 Loop Coin
34 To Pass a Coin Through the Table
34 Ching Ling Soo Coin Trick
35 Chinese Coin On String

37 Coin Tricks With Simple Apparatus
37 Vanishing Coin From Glass
38 To Reproduce the Coin
40 Vanishing and Reappearing Half-Dollar
42 The Pass Pass Coin Trick
43 The Okeito Coin Box: Okito Coin Box
44 The Multiplying Coin
45 Vanishing The Coin From Paper
47 Coin Juggling
47 Reproducing a Coin
49 Passing a Large Coin Through a Small Hole
50 To Make a Coin Disappear
51 The Coin Appearing In the Lemon
53 Passing a Coin Through a Handkerchief
54 The Fortune-Telling Penny
55 Real Coins From a Lighted Candle
57 The Phantom Coin