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Gibson, Walter: What's New In Magic
©1956 Doubleday and Co; Bell Publishing Co, NY
Hardcover, 222 pages
What's New In
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Comments: Nice book of beginning & intermediate magic


9 Introduction

13 Mental Miracles
15 The X-Ray Block: like Tenyo's Vault Vision
16 The Telepathic Triplets: magician determines 3 selections as cards dealt into rows
18 Around the Circle: card prediction
23 Telephone Telepathy: mental test with a phone number
25 In the Chips: Poker chips with ESP symbols, can be repeated
27 Improved Chip Mystery: another version
39 Thought Control: tells penny's date by feel
30 Predictionary Mystery dictionary test
32 You Can't Miss!: addition prediction
35 Mental Colors: box and spool divination using checkers
37 Mirrored Thoughts: slate drawing
41 Newest Spirit Slate, with Special Routine: message appears on blank slate
44 Cards and Slate: cards surround a slate, and message appears on slate to match selection
50 Crossed Thoughts: card prediction
54 Superprediction Tube: future prediction sealed in a tube
57 Long-Distance Telepathy: telephone mentalism

61 Card Sleights and Routines
62 The Jinx Card Control: using the End Shuffle
65 The Jinx Location
66 The Jinx Pass
68 The Jinx Force
69 The Jinx Peek
71 The Flash Force
72 Face-Front Force
73 Jinx False Shuffle
74 The Kick Cut: more of a flourish
75 Red and Blue Fantasy: uses the Jinx controls
76 The "Throw" Change

79 More Cards—Sleights and Routines
81 The Charlier Pass
87 Walsh's Two-Ace Get-Together
90 The Double Lift
92 The Crimp Lift
93 Card Clipper
96 Throw Clipper
96 The Perfect Four-Ace Trick

109 Card Effects with Prepared Cards
110 The Baffling Aces: close up Four Ace trick
112 The Card Finder: one card finds two predictions
113 Card-Finder Sleight: using a borrowed pack
115 New-Way Phantoms: Selected card vanishes
116 Turnup Speller: spelling location
117 Mysterious Pop-up: out of a drinking glass
121 Five-Card Fooler: optical illusion with a paperclip and cards
121 Five-Card Winner: further thoughts on the above
123 Four of a Kind: Four Kings removed and return to the pack, and more!
126 Turnover Twister: Two Card Monte combined with Mexican Turnover
129 The Mexican Turnover
131 The Baffled Burglars: updated version
136 Deuces Wild: An almost Royal Flush turns into Deuces, and more
139 Three Card Baffler: Pick the Five, gets a Deuce!
140 The Super Baffler: Five turns into a Joker

145 Magic with Skill
146 Color Fantasy, with Silks and Ball: Silk to ball with a color change
147 Penetrating Billiard Ball: penetrates glass while covered with silk
148 Eggs from Nowhere: Egg from empty hands
151 Hopalong Bands: rubber bands at the fingertips
154 Six-Cut Rope Trick: Cut and Restored
161 Coins from Everywhere: Miser's Dream with a glass
163 Ball through Hanky: just one ball
164 Stretching a Handkerchief: illusion
166 The Double Twist: handkerchief penetrates wrist
168 Christopher's Chip Trick: message appears on blank poker chip

171 Impromptu Tricks
173 Kwik-Klip: paper clips join on dollar bill
173 Tippy Pencil: only magician can balance a pencil
175 Figure Out—Figure Eight: rope loop captures or releases a finger
175 Pull-Away String: string seems to penetrate magician's finger
177 The Pointer Paddle: paddle trick
180 Thimble-Thimble: one thimble adheres to another
183 Bending a Spoon: bent and restored illusion
185 The Magic Blow: match blown out through the sleeve
186 A Question of Quarters: coins and a paper fold
189 Lighter to Matchbox: quick change
191 Daley's "31" System: the 31 game with dice
194 Count Your Number: with cards and dice

197 Selected Secrets
199 Fox and Geese: cards and hats for the stage
201 Phantom Die Routine: large die and a hat
203 The Fantastic Die: a variation
207 The Miracle of Milk: milk transposition
208 Salt Supreme: salt vanishes from one hand and is found in the other
211 Fadeaway Knot: in rope
212 Evaporated Milk: milk fills a pitcher yet is poured into a small glass
213 Matter Through Matter: a record album penetrates a watch chain
216 A New Rising Card: in a stand
219 Jumping Thimbles: finger to finger
221 Spook Card: with a small slate