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Gibson, Walter B: The New Magician's Manual
1936 Walter B. Gibson, David Kemp & Co, NY;
1975 Dover Publications
Softcover,  perfect-bound,159 pages
ISBN: 9780486231136
The New Magician's Manual
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New Magicians Manual - Dover
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Comments: "Tricks and Routines With Instructions for Expert Performance by the Amateur" A good beginner's book. It also contained a section of cardboard punch-out cards for many of the effects.

Contents: (descriptions are from the book's table of contents)

3 Part I: Introduction to Magic
3 Introduction to Magic: Short tips on how to learn, misdirection, practice, etc.

5 Part II: Impromptu Magic
7 Find the Matches: A game of guess with three match boxes, in which the guesses are wrong
10 The Balanced Handkerchief: It stands up anywhere; on the table or upon your hand
12 The Rising Cigarette: That introduces itself under its own motive power
14 The Chinaman's Head: In which the magicin demonstrates a unique method of Oriental execution
18 Spot the Spot: Spectators can not follow the mysterious spot that changes almost while they watch it
21 Metal Through Metal: Wherein two joined safety pins separate without being opened
23 Odds and Evens: A coin trick wherein the magician holds the odds
26 The Jail Escape: The mysterious card that emulates Houdini and gives its captors the slip
30 Eleven Cents: Three pennies and two dimes; arranged alternately. Moving eleven cents each time, the pennies and dimes are separated in four moves. Easy, for those who know the system; but not for others who try it!

33 Part III: Table Magic
35 The Magnetic Knife: That adheres to the magician's fingers in extraordinary fashion
37 The Tell-Tale Sugar: One lump of suger is chosen from a number. The magician discovers the selected lump.
39 The Mystic Loops: The looped string traps the spectator's finger, but not the magician's
42 Choose Your Object: Knife, fork, saucer, cup - whichever is chosen, the magician discovers it
44 The Magic Bank Roll: A five dollar bill begins at the bottom and arrives on top
46 The Tricky Drinking Straws: Encased in an extraordinary wrapper that is first blank, then printed

51 Part IV: Card Magic
53 King, Queen and Jack: A mysterious calculation in which the magician is always right
56 The Poker Deal: Wherein big hands are dealt automatically and furnish a surprising finish
60 The Turn-Over Card: That reverses itself in the pack and locates a chosen card by its position
63 The Tricky Joker: That turns up when not wanted and returns when sent away
66 The Night Club Mystery: A deceptive story with a pack of cards
70 The The Penetrated Card: Solid objects pass through an ordinary playing card without injuring it
74 Cards and Glasses: Two playing cards change places without leaving the view of the audience
78 The Fifth Card: From five cards, one is mentally selected. The magician discards four. The one he keeps is always the one the spectator chose.

81 Part V: Oriental Magic
83 The Magnetic Chop-Stick: That lifts a bottle of rice and holds it in mid-air
85 The Levitated Tube: A clever origination of the Hindu fakirs
89 The Rope and the Vase: A remarkable demonstration of the invisible suspension
92 String and Scissors: Introducing the cord that passes through rings of metal
94 The Chinese Joss Cards: Their magic power restores a cut ribbon that has been threaded through them
98 The Burmese Wand: An Oriental demonstration of solid through solid

101 Part VI: Mental Magic
103 The Mystic Disks: Three colored disks; the magician discovers the one that is selected
105 Match Pack Divination: A chosen pack of matches is immediately detected by touch alone
107 Four Safety Pins: Each with a ribbon of a different color; the magician names the chosen one
109 The Detective Mystery: A feat of super-memory that is easily acquired
111 The New Magic Square: Using a chart of numbered squares, the magician gives the totals of numbers covered by coins, without looking at the chart
113 The Mystic Alphabet: A letter is chosen from a set of cards. Looking at the blank sides of the cards the magician names the letter

117 Part VII: Programs of Magic

127 Part VIII: Additional Magic
129 A Collection of Tricks: Collection of "quickies" to add to your show; many are impromptu
130 Poker Chip Monte: spectator can't find the marked chip
130 Returning Matches: match book trick
130 Vanishing Card: one card vanished from between three
131 Balanced Matches: another match book quickie
131 The Vanishing Coin: in fold of trousers
131 The Talking Coin: on top of bottle
132 The Knotted Cigarette: how to tie in a knot
132 Naming the Number: magician knows how many cards moved
132 Deceptive Ice: Ice in a cup of hot water
133 Knock Away Coin: from under a bottle
133 Brushing the Coin: coin can't be brushed away
133 Gravity Defied: cigarette pack balances on edge of table
134 Predicted Totals: of dice
134 Restored String: cut and restored in folds of paper
134 The Balanced Dice: stunt
135 Half And Half: Magician finds card inserted in his half of deck
135 Tell the Color: of match heads
135 Divination Dice: dice trick behind your back
136 Six Goblets: puzzle
136 Cards and Hats: selection is pulled out of the hat
136 Chosen Dollar Bill: found in a hat
137 Four Colors: magician matches color selection by spelling
137 Red and Green: mathematical dice
137 String and Handkerchief: hanky is freed from string
138 Card in Pocket: one of four cards selected, and magician chooses one, which turns out to be the selection
138 Balls of Yarn: magician determines color
138 The Card Count: magician finds selection
139 The Initial Trick: initial appears on match head
139 Mystic Candy Drops: magician knows which candy handed him behind his back
139 Guessing the Card: card chosen behind back and performer reveals it
140 Cards in a Row: magician knows how many cards moved
140 The Disappointed Match: match instantly changes direction
140 Multiplying Flame: another match trick
141 A Card Discovery: magician finds selection
141 A Question of Balance: one cigarette balanced on end of another
141 One From Four: magician finds one of four cards

142 Index to Additional Magic Section
143 Start of punch out card section