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Gibson, Walter B.: The Bunco Book
©1946 Sidney Radner
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 96 pages
              Bunco Book, 1946 edition
Image courtesy eBay seller VintageTrix
Walter Gibson: The Bunco Book

Comments: "An amazing adventure into the methods of the Bunco man, from the Carnival Worker with his so-called games of chance, to the Sharpers, Confidence Man, and Schemers of the Get-Rich-Quick variety. A complete expose disigned as a protection against the unscrupulous." Note, there is a later reprint of this book by the Gambler's Book Club that abridges and updates the content, and splits it into two books including "Carnival Gaffs". This listing is for the original 1946 edition.

Contents (from book ToC):

4 The Gold-Brick Game
5 The Violin Fraud
6 Selling a Business
8 Sales Swindle
9 Panhandling De Luxe
11 Methods of "Short Changers"
13 Jam Auctions
16 Endless Chains
17 The Jewelry Swindle
18 Souvenir Schemes
19 Swinding Storekeepers
20 Finding a Diamond
22 Carnival Games
24 Spotting the Spot
25 The Famous Silver Arrow
26 The Country Store Wheel
28 The Devil's Bowling Alley
29 The Automatic Bowling Alley
30 The Three-Marble Roll Down
32 The Game of Hoop Tossing
33 Aunt Sarah's Clothes Line
34 The Famous Knife Rack
35 Cats on the Rack
36 The Tilting Roly-Poly
37 "Honest John"
39 The Baseball Rack
40 The Shell Game
42 The Hurdle Ladder
43 Carnival Roulette
44 The Cone and Baseball Swindle
45 The Cigarette Shooting Gallery
46 The Three-Pin Game
47 Ring a Watch
48 The Coin and the Tenpin
49 "Big Tom"
50 The Hand Striker
51 The Whirling Spindle
53 "Pop 'Em in the Bucket"
54 The String Game
55 The Miniature Race Course
56 Red, White and Blue
57 Throwing Darts
58 The Wheel of Chance
60 Color Combination
61 The Six-Ball Roll Down
62 The Standard Spindle
63 English Pool
64 The Tricky Tumbler
65 The Fish Pond
66 The Swinging Ball
67 Selling Soap
68 The Lucky Pocketbook
70 Facts About Roulette
73 Covered Roulette
74 Miniature Roulette
75 Covered Roulette
76 Facts on Punch Boards
78 Slot Machines
81 Cigar Counter Dice Games
82 Matching Coins
83 Crooked Dice
86 Marked Cards
89 Cards Marked in Manufacture
91 How Gamblers Win at Poker
93 Card Sharps Exposed
96 Put and Take