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Gibson, Walter: The Bunco Book
©1976 Walter B Gibson, The Gambler's Book Club, NV
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 55x85", 62 pages
ISBN 0-911996-65-6
              Bunco Book, GGC edition
Image courtesy eBay seller BruceCarlley89109
Walter Gibson: The Bunco Book

Comments: An abridged and updated edition of the original 1946 edition. From the title page: "The various bunco schemes reprinted herein, first appeared as a series of newspaper articles in the late 20's. In 1946, Mr Gibson collected the more popular articles under the title “The Bunco Book" published by Sidney H Radnor. Gambler's Book Club, in cooperation with Mr Gibson, has updated the extracted currently relevant material from the larger work for this publication. The remaining carnival or midway cons are collected separately under another GBC title: “Carnival Gaffs""

Contents (from book ToC):

2 “A Word to the Wise” - Or Otherwise
4 The Gold Brick Game
5 The Violin Fraud
7 Selling A Business
8 Sales Swindle
11 Panhandling De Luxe
13 Methods of “Short Changers” Exposed
16 Inside Information on Jam Auctions
22 The Jewelry Swindle
25 Swindling Storekeepers
27 Finding a Diamond
29 The Shell Game
32 Selling Soap
33 The Lucky Pocketbook
35 The Pocket Roulette Wheel
36 Miniature Roulette
38 Covered Roulette
39 Facts and Figures on Punch Boards
41 Cigar Counter Dice Games
45 Crooked Dice
50 Marked Cards
55 Cards Marked in Manufacture
58 Matching Coins
59 How Gamblers Win at Poker
61 Card Sharps Exposed