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Gibson,, Walter: After Dinner Tricks
©1921 Magic Publishing Company
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 29 pages
After Dinner Tricks
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Walter Gibson: After Dinner Tricks

Comments: Edited by Alvin Richard Plough. Front matter states, "All Tricks, Text, Illustrations, Titles fully Copyrighted 1921 Public Ledger Company."


3 Introduction

7 Matches:
7 Strike Safety Matches Without Box
7 Levitation of a Match Box
8 The Leaning Match
8 A Light That Failed
8 Which End Burns First?
9 Balancing a Match
9 The Mystic Matches
10 A Puzzle With Matches
10 A Square By Moving One Match
10 Self-Serving Match Box

11 Tricks With Coins
11 Mysterious Sounding Money
11 The Changed Coins in Hand
11 Chosen Coin Picked Out
12 Coin Appears in Empty Box
12 A Puzzle With a Coin
12 Coin Balanced on a Tumbler
13 Disappearing Coin inn Box
13 To See Both Sides of a Coin At Once
13 Coin Dissolves Into Air

14 Tricks With Cards
14 The Rejected Soldiers
14 Telling Cards From Backs
15 The Three Aces
15 Finding a Selected Card
16 Separated Cards - Joined
16 The Leaping Calling Card

17 Tricks With Tumblers
17 Tumbler From Pocket
17 Magnetizing a Tumbler
17 Balanced Glass of Water
18 The Tuneful Tumbler
18 Spiritualistic Glass of Water

19 Tricks With Pencil and Paper
19 Disappearing Bit of Paper
19 A Feat of Strength
19 A Divination
20 The Magic Paper Bands
20 Magnetized Paper

21 Tricks with String and Elastic
21 Jumping Rubber Band
21 Disappearing Elastic
21 Finger and String

22 Tricks With Cigars and Cigarettes
22 Adhering Cigarette
22 Anti-Gravity Cigarette
22 The Magic Cigar Band
23 The Magnetized Cigar or Cigarette
23 Find a Marked Cigarette Paper

24 Tricks With Numbers
24 To Find a Total of Secret Figures
24 Rapid Addition to Make 100

25 Tricks With Dice and Dominoes
25 The Magnetized Dice
25 To Foretell the End Numbers in a Game of Dominoes

26 Miscellaneous Tricks
26 Hypnotizing an Apple
26 Illuminating Lump Sugar
27 Mysterious Spots on a Knife
27 Here's a Magical Sex Indicator
28 To Tell if Number on Dollar Bill is Odd or Even
28 The Changing Postage Stamp
29 Changing an Orange to an Apple