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Geddes, Johnny: It Pays to Entertain Children
©undated, Johnny Geddes
Softcover, stapled, 12 pages
It Pays to Entertain
Image courtesy Magicref

Comments: Lecture Notes


1 Johnny Geddes: a brief biography
2 Twentieth Century Balloons: for balloons and a change bag
2 Comedy Paint Brushes: for use in any Magic Painting trick
3 Repeat Silks Tube: routine for your Ghost Tube, silks, and change bag
4 Eggs to Jumbo Egg: opener with eggs, a jumbo egg, and a change bag
5 Klever Klowns: based on old Chinese washing effect
6 The Tale of a Shirt: a shirt goes short and long in this children's routine
9 Birthday Present: uses a Drawer Box gimmicked to play Happy Birthday
11 Snake Tin Routine: a comedy routine with a snake can (and three spring snakes)