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Geddes, Johnny: Applause-Able Magic
©1959 Johnny Geddes, ©1986 Supreme Magic Company Ltd
Paper, stapled, 16 pages
Image from Magicref

Comments: Ideas, tricks and bits of business for shows, with most leaning toward children's shows.


1 Foreword
3 Passe Passe Tins: version of passe passe bottles for kid's shows
3 Silk Shirt: sucker vanishing handkerchief
3 Silk Frock: variation of above
4 I've Got Worms: idea for the Indian Snake Basket novelty
4 The Card Mixer: comedy bit
5 Magic Song Book: variation of Magic Coloring Book
5 Colour Changing Reels: using reels of thread
6 Sally the Silkworm: silk and jumping snake routine for kid shows
7 Comedy Camera Capers: another kid show routine
8 Egg and Lemon: effect with a handkerchief changing box
8 Ha-Ha Hat: comedy at the child's expense...
9 High Hands: more comedy
9 Splitting the Word: ideas for a magic word for kid shows
9 Scratching: gag for when a child scratches their head
10 Balloon Jumping: idea for a simple contest
10 Twenty Century Sorcery: comedy silks with a sock
10 Zero: idea for a magical countdown for kid's shows
11 Twins: an adult one-liner (not off color)
11 Chinese: a non-politically correct joke
11 Card on Back: comedy card revelation
11 Instructions: another adult gag one liner
11 Hard Hitting: ideas for a rubber hammer
12 Long Handkerchief: gag
12 Eating the Secret: rice paper
12 Which Hand: one-liner
12 Switching Pack: gag for a fellow magician
13 Switcha Pack: another gag for magicians (good)
13 Red or Green: Invisible red silk changes to green, and then a real silk
13 Paper Patter: "tearible" patter for a newspaper tear
13 Wit for the Wizard: 16 one-liners
14 Comments for the Compere: 9 more one-liners
15 For Hecklers: 12 come-backs
16 Quickies: a dozen comedy bits and lines