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Gauci, Charles: Reputation Makers
©2002 Charles Gauci
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 27 pages
Reputation Makers
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Swerdnase2003
Charles Gauci: Reputation Makers

Comments: created for his 2002 USA lecture tour.

Contents (updated Apr 2017):

1 The 15 Minutes No Mnemonic Memorized Card System
5 Voiceprint: card effect using above system
6 The Secret Weapon: unique approach to a false shuffle
7 Two Minds but with One Single Thought: using a stacked deck
9 - Phase Two: with a marked deck
11 Sucker Billiard Ball Transposition: balls transpose between two spectators
13 Telephone Telepathy
17 Signed Card Through Ribbon
19 Super Memory: performer memorizes shuffled deck
22 Kismet's Card: Birthdate and card match