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Garrett, Teral: Psycho-Gizmo Vol 4 No. 37-48
©1964/65 Teral Garrett, KY
Softcover, comb-bound, 9.75x12", 25 pages
Psycho-Gizmo Vol 4, 27-48
Image courtesy eBay seller Rrath
Teral Garret: Psycho-Gizmo Volume 4, numbers 37-48

Comments: Psycho-Gizmo was a magic periodical that ran from Oct 1951 to June 1965, for a total run of 48 issues (info thanks to Magicpedia). Available as an ebook from and

Contents (from eBook version - page numbers are different than original):

3 A Word at Random (Brundell)
4 Prediction Simple
4 Confederates (Teral Garrett)

5 Book Test (Larry the Magician)
5 New Pseudo Psychometry
6 Color Changing Decks (Teral Garrett)

7 Milt Kort’s Ambitious Card Trick

9 Milt Kort’s Ambitious Card Trick Cont
9 E-Z Pencil Code
10 Spoken Code

12 Ghostly Test (Teral Garrett)
13 Hindoo Levitation (Nika)

14 Uncanny Mind (Nika)
14 Close-up Card Force (Teral Garrett)
15 Card Code

16 Pipe Cuffs (Ron Pennell)

18 Telephone Test (Ron Pennell)

20 Sealed Envelope (Prof Nika)
20 Thumb Cuffs & Escape Gizmos (Ron Pennell)

22 Alpha & Omega of Stage Mind Reading (Teral Garrett)
23 Thought Control (C J Edwin)

25 Best Silent Second Sight Acts

28 Stage Mental Act (Prof Nika)
29 Prof Robert Gifford’s Mind Reading Act
30 Mystic Table Levitation (Ovette)
30 E-Z Rising Cards