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Garrett, Teral: Psycho-Gizmo Volume 3, No. 25-36
©1960s (circa) Teral Garrett, KY
Softcover, comb-bound, 9.75x12", 24 pages
Psycho-Gizmo 4
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Teral Garrett: Psycho-Gizmo, Volume 3, No. 25-36

Comments: Psycho-Gizmo was a magic periodical that ran from Oct 1951 to June 1965, for a total run of 48 issues (info thanks to Magicpedia). Available as an ebook from and

Contents (from eBook version - page numbers are different than original):

3 Duplipix (North Bigbee)
4 Mental-Eze Tip (North Bigbee)
4 FPA Liquid (EA Tomes)

5 Murray on Mentalism (Murray, Escapeologist and Magician)
6 Escapeology as an Added Touch for Mentalists (Murray)

7 More on Mentalism (Murray)
7 Color Pencil Divination (Murray)
8 Color Block and Box (Murray)
8 Quick Impromptu Mental Stunt (Teral Garret)

9 The “Mee” Chalk (Sid Lorraine)
10 Living and Dead Idea (Sid Lorraine)

11 Extremely Simple Prediction (Sid Lorraine)
12 Calendar Memory Act (Nika)
12 Square Circle Idea (Nika)

13 ESP (Harry Voldini)
14 Bookless Book Test (Voldini)
14 Svengali Mental (Colta -Chas J Jones)
14 Card Shiner (Anon)

15 Henderson’s Card Penetration (Wm Henderson)
16 Card Prediction (Colta)
16 Mental Addition (Nika)
16 How to Trim Cards (Garrett)
17 A Visible Card Daub (Garrett)

18 Soap Bubbles (Teral Garrett and Dr John Henry Grossman)
19 Original Technique for Hypnosis (Myron D Pennell)

21 Blindfold Ribbon Pulsation (Schuler Crocker)

23 A Word to the Wise (The Amazing Maurice)
24 Crocker’s Blindfold (Schuler Crocker - Marda the Magician)
24 Sample Lecture for “Pulsation Effect” (Schuler Crocker)
24 Card Shiner (Ovette)
25 Cigar Daub (Garrett)

26 Find the Weapon (The Amazing Maurice)
27 Visible Invisible Transporter (Nika)

28 Bottle Cap Prediction (The Amazing Maurice)
28 Simple Card Memory (Garrett)
29 The Humdinger Test
29 Musical Thought Act (Garrett)