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Garrett, Teral: Psycho-Gizmo Volume 1, No. 1-12
©1951 Teral Garret, KY
Softcover, comb-bound, 9.75x12", 24 pages
Psycho-Gizmo Volume One 1-12
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Teral Garrett: Psycho-Gizmo Volume 1

Comments: Psycho-Gizmo was a magic periodical that ran from Oct 1951 to June 1965, for a total run of 48 issues (info thanks to Magicpedia). Available as an ebook from and

Contents (Updated Feb 2017 from Book ToC):

1 Dr. Jaks' Simple Single Reading (Dr. Stanley Jaks): business card reading
1 Silk Vision (Richard Weibel):
2 G.W. Hunter's 3 Predictions

3 Genovis’ Clock Cards (N Genovis)
4 Tel-O-Matic Prelude (Woodrow Carpenter)

5 The Mogul Book Test (Mogul)
6 Tom Sellers’ Name Detector
6 The Perfect Switch (Nika)

7 Sealed Envelope Act (Stanley Collins)
8 R.C. Reno Act (Reno)

9 Triple Prediction (William S Houghton)
10 Number Telepathy (William S Houghton)
10 Total Darkness (Nika)

11 A Mental Feat (Jack LaWain)
12 Three Envelope Prediction (Tom Sellers)
12 Watch Accessory Case
12 New Idea Card Marking

13 Audience Prediction (Chris Charlton)
14 Concentration
14 Identification of Sex (David Roper)

15 I’ve Got Your Card (Walter Simpson)
15 Card Index Again
16 On the Spot Frame Up (Nika)

17 Novel Adaptation of “The Memory Act”
17 Harto’s Slate Test (Teral Garrett)
17 Nika’s Prognostication (Nika)
18 Non Wireless Talking Kettle

19 Cold Reading
19 The Human Aura (Richard J Weibel)
20 Tips for Mindreading (William Chinn)
20 Original Phone Thought Reading
20 Four Aces Impromptu

21 Question Answering Act for Two People (Bob Brethen)
22 Slow Motion Card Vanish (Allan Lambie)

23 ESP Cups and Chips (The Amazing Maurice)
23 Volta Presentation (Burling Hull)
24 The Best Book Test (Nika)
24 Too Simple To Do (Nika)
24 The Prompter (The Great Ovette)