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Gardner, Martin: My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles
©1994 Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486281523
Paper, perfect-bound, 82 pages
My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles
Image courtesy of Dover Publications

Comments: Although not a magic book, there is a close corollary between many magic tricks and mathematics. Reading mathematical puzzles may insipire some of your magic routines! Martin Gardner is well known for his books on magic, as well.


1 The Returning Explorer
1 Draw Poker
2 The Mutilated Chessboard
2 The Fork in the Road
3 Scrambled Box Tops
3 Cutting the Cube
3 Bronx vs. Brooklyn
4 The Early Commuter
4 The Counterfeit Coins
5 The Touching Cigarettes
6 Two Ferryboats
6 Guess the Diagonal
6 Cross the Network
7 The 12 Matches
8 Hole in the Sphere
8 The Amorous Bugs
8 How Many Children?
9 The Twiddled Bolts
10 The Flight around the World
10 The Repetitious Number
11 The Colliding Missiles
11 The Sliding Pennies
12 Handshakes and Networks
12 The Triangular Duel
12 Crossing the Desert
13 Lord Dunsany's Chess Problem
13 The Lonesome 8
14 Dividing the Cake
14 The Folded Sheet
15 Water and Wine
16 The Absent-Minded Teller
16 Acute Dissection
17 "How Long Is a "Lunar"?"
17 The Game of Googol
18 Marching Cadets and a Trotting Dog
19 "White, Black and Brown"
20 The Plane in the Wind
20 What Price Pets?
20 The Game of Hip
22 A Switching Puzzle
23 Beer Signs on the Highway
23 The Sliced Cube and the Sliced Doughnut
24 Bisecting Yin and Yang
25 The Blue-Eyed Sisters
25 How Old Is the Rose-Red City?
26 Tricky Track
27 Termite and 27 Cubes
28 Collating the Coins
29 Time the Toast
29 A Fixed-Point Theorem
30 How Did Kant Set His Clock?
30 Playing Twenty Questions when Probability Values Are Known
31 Don't Mate in One
32 Find the Hexahedrons
33 Out with the Onion
33 Cut Down the Cuts
34 Dissection Dilemma
34 Interrupted Bridge
34 Dash It All!
35 Move the Queen
35 Read the Hieroglyphics
36 Crazy Cut
36 Find the Oddball
36 Big Cross-Out Swindle
37 Reverse the Dog
37 Funny Fold

39 Answers (through page 82)