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Gardner, Martin: Mathematical Magic Show
1989 Martin Gardner,
Published by Mathematical Association of America, Spectrum
Hardcover, 314 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0883854488
              Magic Show
Image courtesy e-Bay seller DonBursell

: More Puzzles, Games, Diversions, Illusions and other Mathematical Sleight of Mind from Scientific American.

Contents (chapters only):

9 Introduction
15 More Ado About Nothing
29 Game Theory, Guess It, Foxholes
50 Factorial Oddities
66 The Cocktail Cherry and Other Problems
82 Double Acrostics
94 Playing Cards
105 Finger Arithmetic
123 Mobius Bands
137 Ridiculous Questions
146 Polyhexes and Plyaboloes
160 Perfect, Amicable, Sociable
172 Polyominoes and Rectification
188 Knights of the Square Table
203 The Dragon Curve and Other Problems
223 Colored Triangles and Cubes
240 Trees
251 Dice
263 Everything
279 Bibliography