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Gardner, Martin: Mathematical Carnival
©1975 First Edition Alfred A. Knopf, NY
Hardcover, 274 Pages
Mathematical Carnival
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Comments: "A new round-up of Tantalizers from Scientific American"


xi Introduction
3 Sprouts and Brussels Sprouts
12 Penny Puzzles
27 Aleph-null and Aleph-one
41 Hypercubes
55 Magic Stars and Polyhedrons
66 Calculating Prodigies
77 Tricks of Lighting Calculators
89 The Art of M.C. Escher
103 The Red-Faced Cube and Other Problems
123 Card Shuffles
139 Mrs. Perkins' Quilt and Other Square Packing Problems
150 The Numerology of Dr. Fleiss
161 Random Numbers
173 The Rising Hourglass and Other Physics Puzzles
194 Pascal's Triangle
208 Jam, Hot, and Other Games
226 Cooks and Quibble-Cooks
240 Piet Hein's Superellipse
255 How to Trisect and Angle
267 Bibliography