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Gardner, Martin: After the Dessert
1941, 1st edition, Max Holden, NY & Philadelphia
Published in England by L. Davenport & Co., London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 22 pages
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After the
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Comments ( You will find tricks with bills, cigarettes, coins, matches, silverware, napkins and salt shakers, all things which are readily available at any restaurant or dinner table. This ebook was written for the performer, professional or amateur, who is seeking good, well-tested effects which do not require elaborate practice, preparation, or skill. Martin has chosen only tricks which make use of objects found at any dinner table. All are performed while seated, with spectators on both right and left. A few of the effects are original, but most of them have been picked up from friends who picked them up from friends, so it was impossible to trace them to their origin.


7 Bills
7 The Curious Fold
7 Naming the Date on a Borrowed Bill
8 Four Piles and a Dollar Bill

8 Cigarettes
8 The Unreversed Word
9 The Magic Inhale
9 Biting the Cigarette

9 Coins
9 Coin Through the Plate
10 Vanishing Coin
10 Testing the Half Dollar

11 Matches
11 Lighting a Match twice
11 Color Changing Heads
12 Folder Mathematics
13 Shooting the Match
13 Match Folder Wager
13 The Nazi Cross

13 Miscellaneous
13 Tapping Table Objects
14 Japanese Paper Bird
14 Vanishing Coffee Steam
15 Travelling Fountain Pen

15 Silverware
15 Table Knife Through Body
16 Breaking the Spoon
16 Bending the Spoon
17 Swallowing the Knife
17 Musical Knife
18 Spoon to Knife
18 Vanishing Spoon

19 Napkin
19 Character Reading from the Teeth
19 Improvised Brassiere
20 The Invisible Hair

20 Salt Shaker
20 Vanishing Salt Shaker