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Gardner, Martin: 12 Tricks with a Borrowed Deck
1940 L.L. Ireland
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 24 pages
12 Tricks With a Borrowed Deck
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JayAndLefty

Comments (Magic Inc.): Impromptu, over the table card effects by this famous author. No difficult sleights.

Contents: (updated and corrected 3/2015)

1 Introduction (Paul Rosini)
2 Contents
3 Preface (Martin Gardner, 1940)

4 Improved Topsy Turvy Deck
7 Face to Face Fantasy
10 Double Climax Speller
12 Never Miss Stop Trick
13 Big Casino Count Down
14 Six of Spades Count Down
15 Two Piles and Subtract
17 Do As I Do
18 Eye Pop Routine
19 Sympathetic Decks
20 Vanishing and Re-Appearing Card
22 Improved Lie Speller