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Garcia, Frank: Wild Card Miracles
©1977 Frank Garcia
Softcover, perfect-bound, 148 pages
Wild Card Miracles
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7 Foreword
9 Photo "A"
10 Frank Garcia: Letters of Endorsement - Tony Spina
10 Irv Tannen
11 Jerry Solomon
14 Mammoth In Size

15 Routines
15 Routine 1 (Bert Allerton): Biddle Move
21 Routine 2 (Dave Lederman, Dai Vernon)
22 - Improved Glide
24 - Alternate Method for the Glide
31 Francis Carlyle's "Examine the Card"
35 The Jason Merle Over the Counter Miracle (John Mueller)
38 Ever So Sleightly different
40 For Magicians Only
43 Wild Card Outdone (Ron Frost)
48 Confusing But Amusing
52 The Magician's Magicians Routine (Derek Dingle, Larry Jennings)
59 Quick-Way Wild Card (Mike Skinner, Ricky Jay, Dai Vernon)
63 Mix and Match
66 Anyone for Crazy Poker?
68 Patter Lines (Bobby Baxter)
71 Factory Rejects
74 Sleightless Version of Wild Card (John Fedko)
81 Flip's Dutch Treat (Flip Hallema)
83 Bring them Back Routine
87 Something Special (Fred Kaps)
92 Routine for the Experts
97 Surprise Wild Card (Harry G. Franke)
102 The Mindreader's Wild Card (Frank Garcia)
104 Picture (Tony Slydini, Howard Bern, Frank Garcia)
105 The Slydini Version of Wild Card with his Personal Touch
109 Japanese Wild Card (Shigeo Takagi)
112 Photo of Bobby Baxter
113 Bobby Baxter's Wild Card
115 Introducing Tom Ogden
116 High Jumper
118 Quickswitch
119 Flip Flash
121 Gary Alexander's Himber Wallet Wild Card
124 Coup de Grace
127 The Postage Stamp Mystery
127 Wild Card Goes Round
128 7 Card Monte (Peter Kane, Frank Thompson)
138 The Pinnacle Routine (Jos. Bema)
141 The Maximus Routine for the Experts
144 Recipe: Wild Wild Chicken
146 Epilogue and Thanks
147 Photo: Frank Garcia
148 Blank: for notes