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Garcia, Frank: Marked Cards and Loaded Dice
©1962 Prentice-Hall, Inc. NJ
Hardcover W/Dustjacket, 274 Pages
Marked Cards and
              Loaded Dice
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Frank Garcia: Marked Cards and Loaded Dice

Comments: Over 270 hardbound pages on card and dice gaffs as well as all of the marks, peeks, and other sleight of hand techniques used by professional gamblers to cheat their unsuspecting victims.

Contents (Chapters Only)

1 Chapter I Those "Friendly" Games
9 Chapter II Any Honest Game in Town?
20 Chapter III Beware These Common Tricks!
28 Chapter IV Tribute to a Forgotten Artist
41 Chapter V Big Game Tonight!........
48 Chapter VI What Every GI Must Know
63 Chapter VII How to Win at Honest Cards
76 Chapter VIII This Is How They Do It to You
86 Chapter IX They Read 'Em, You Weep
105 Chapter X These Belly Strippers Are Dangerous
118 Chapter XI Ah, Those Lovely, Larcenous Ladies I Have Known!
130 Chapter XII The Crook's Falsies—Cuts and Shuffles
151 Chapter XIII They Never Deal You the Top Card
163 Chapter XIV Hit Me! Bust Out! Blackjack!
171 Chapter XV The 6-for-5 Operators
185 XVI Bringing in the Cooler
196 XVII The Fallacies of All Systems
207 XVIII K)i<ware the "Beware" Boys!
210 XIX Hot Dice and Cold Hearts
219 XX Come On, Joe College!
240 XXI Honest Dice — For a Change
244 XXII Why Zsa Zsa Couldn't Win
259 - Maybe I Can Deal You Four Aces

260 Glossary
266 Bibliography
269 Index