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Frank Garcia; Exclusive Card Miracles
Garcia, Frank: Exclusive Card Miracles
©1980 Frank Garcia
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 76 pages
Garcia: Exclusive Card Miracles
Image courtesy eBay seller JayAndLefty

Comments: Illustrations by Richard Kaufman

Contents (from Book):

5 Introduction

7 Crazy Deck: deck is mixed face up and face down and are instantly righted
11 Miracle Speller: Magician's own name is spelled to the selection
14 Surprise Reversal: method to reverse a few cards in the deck
16 Bonus (Larry Jennings): an effect using the above reversal
21 Unusual Piece of Business: a control to keep the top card on top
23 Super Secret Control: controlling a card to the top
27 Surprise Revelation: spectator's card becomes reversed in the deck
31 Impossible Two Ace Location: can be used to allow spectator to discover two cards
33 Three to One: Spectator selects the proper Ace, or finds the other Aces have vanished
37 That’s Impossible! (Karl Fulves): Number of cards of 1st spectator counts to card selected by 2nd spectator
41 Ubiquitous Aces: Aces are revealed magically multiple times
47 Camilo’s Deceptive Four Ace Reveal (Camilo Vasquez Aleman): finding the four Aces
51 The Elevator Card ‘Classic’: version of Marlo's Elevator Cards
59 The Henry Christ Pinnacle Four Ace Trick: "In my opinion this routine is well worth the price of the book"
68 Supreme Control: an update to Edward Victor's routine with 8 cards

74 Frank Garcia's Secret Recipe For Better Magic: tips
76 Press From Around the World