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Garcia, Frank: The Close-Up Magic of Frank Garcia Part I
©1982 Frank Garcia
Paper, 103 pages
Close Up Magic
              of Frank Garcia Part I



10 Introduction (Frank Garcia)
15 Poetry In Motion: Four Ace production on a Card Mat
19 Vienna Dice Change: Dice numbers change
22 The Memory Expert Outdone!: Method to determine card missing from deck
27 A Subtle Piece of Business: Triumph Variation
32 Copper and Silver Transposition: no gimmicks
34 2nd Phase to Silver and Copper Transposition: great follow-up
37 The N.Y. Puzzler: one dollar bill penetrates another
42 A Secret Tip: on the one hand palm
44 A Handful of Entertainment: Color Changing Knives (uses four knives)
53 The "Artanis" False Shuffle: false shuffle from Joe Artanis
58 The "Artanis" Load-On Technique: reveal the four Aces
62 The Miracle Worker: with Four Kings and Four Aces
69 I Win, You Lose!: Poker Demo
72 Uncanny: card selection revolves in the hand for the revelation
73 Spectacular Prediction Coincidence: a non-pick-a-card routine
83 "Cellini": a short bio and intro to this section
85 Something for Nothing (Cellini): Sponge ball and purse frame routine
88 Real Magic (Cellini): Wand and purse routine
94 The Elevator Move (Cellini): for the cups and balls
97 "Cellini" Writes About Magic: Essay on magic
100 Endorsements and Testimonials: about Frank Garcia
103 The Grand Finale: a poem