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Garcia, Daniel: Next
©2002 1st Edition
17 Pages
Note: Available as an e-book from
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Comments (Alex Rossi): Impromptu magic notes


3 Cliptrip – A paperclip chosen by the spectator is visually warped and caused to bend in the middle.
4 No Smoking – His variation of the “Traveling Match” plot, using an old Japanese bar trick.
6 DiscHover – A cute, impromptu credit card levitation.
7 Addict – Impromptu cigarette through cellophane.
8 Whassup – Almost impromptu Cap in Bottle
10 Stretch – A visual three phase ring and rubber band routine. Includes: Rubberbound - Ring jumps from one rubber band to the other. Ring Shot: One of the rubber bands vanishes along with the ring. Ring Link Bros.: The ring visually melts into one of the rubber bands, and then melts off IN THEIR HANDS.