Ganson, Lewis: Immaculate Card Magic of Walt Lees
1980 Supreme Magic
Paper, 28 pages
Immaculate Card
              Magic of Walt Lees
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3 Introduction (Lewis Ganson)
4 Preface (Walt Lees)
5 Ultimate Aces: Four Blue-Backed Aces are placed in a row on the table. Three Red-Backed indifferent cards are placed on each. One at a time, the Aces vanish from their packets and arrive in the fourth. Each ace vanishes Singly, and the aces arrive in the last packet One at a Time.
13 Four Blank Cards: Four cards are shown to be blank on both sides, then one by one, a regular face and back become printed on each. Each time a card becomes normal, it is taken away and placed aside until all four are seen to be normal cards.  
17 Nimrod: A hugely entertaining card effect that will be remembered and talked about by your audiences.
21 The Card That Isn't There: A mind-numbing effect for your audience as a card that simply could not be there - is there. Very clever handling.
27 Conclusion