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Ganson, Lewis: How Right You Are, Aces in Deception
©1948 Gen Publications, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x10", 13 pages
How Right You Are -
              Aces in Deception
Image courtesy e-Bay seller DiddyWench
Lewis Ganson: How Right You Are

Comments: Illustrations by Frank Webster. "Aces in Deception, Gems of Routined Magic, The Last Word on the Svengali Deck."
This effect was reprinted in Ganson's Routined Manipulation Part 1. From the intro: "I will confess that a Svengali pack is used throughout and as this pack has been exposed so often, a natural bias against it may be felt by the reader but I stress that with the modern methods of handling and the routine I am about to describe, its secret is never suspected."


3 How Right You Are
3 The Svengali Pack
4 - To Show The Cards All Different
4 - The Riffle Shuffle
5 - The Force
6 - The Double Lift
7 The Routine
7 - Requirements
7 - Phase 1
8 - Phase 2
9 - Phase 3
9 - Climax
13 Conclusion