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Ganson, Lewis: The Ganson Book
©1982 Supreme Magic
Hardcover, 8x10", 232 pages
The Ganson Book
Image courtesy e-Bay seller KochMagic
Lewis Ganson: The Ganson Book

Comments: "The Lewis Ganson Story and magic contributed by a few of his many friends in Magic."


3 A Sketch Of The Author By Ed Mishell Of The U.S.A
4 Dedication
5 Bibliography
7 Index Of Contents And Photographs
12 A Tribute To Ganson Evening: A Report By Edwin
16 Our Story Starts
17 Introduction: "My Association With Magicians"
21 Background: The Ganson Family Story
21 The Music Room: We Move Into Show-Business
24 Jess: Almost A Travelling Showman
24 The Burford Arms: "Patent Pending"
26 A Magician At The Bar: The Magic Years Begin
29 The Cap And Pence: A Great Classic Trick Explained
34 Ellis Stanyon's Limit Four Ace Trick: A Strong Feature Effect
40 Moving On: Welfare Work And Magic
41 My Start In Magic: Almost A Pro!
46 Jack Hill's Presentation For The Torn And Restored Strip Of Paper
52 Jo: My Partner And Pal
54 The War Years: With The Eighth Army From Tripoli To Italy
55 Home Again: And 'Mainly Manipulative Magic'
57 The Unique Magic Studio: A New Dimension In My Life
59 Germany: And I Help To Set Up The Magischer Zirkel
61 The Story Of Lili Marlene: A Legend In Her Time
65 The Link (Will Ayling): The Story Continued By One Of Lewis' Stalwart Friends
75 The Psi Factor (Peter Warlock): An Experiment In Psychokinesis
80 Plastic Silks (Peter Warlock): An Unusual Mystery In Silken Sorcery
82 Edwin’s Rainbow Chips Routine: A Pocket Perplexer
89 Tips on Rainbow Chips (Michael Symes): More Suggestions
91 Bobby Bernard's Coin Tunnel: A Staggering Change
96 Cheeky Prediction (Roy Baker): Simplicity and Entertainment
98 Playing with Time by Martin Breese - The Type of Effect Associated With Geller
103 The Name of the Game (Rink/Ganson): The Three Card Trick Plus!
108 Clever Dick (Fred Lowe): no sleights
111 Back to Back (Tony Griffith): A Series of Surprises
117 Close-up Finger Ring Routine (Tom Johnston): a double penetration
123 Salt Galore (Hubert Lambert): The long pour!
125 Lewis Ganson's Routine With the Hubert Lambert's Salt Galore: a complete sequence
128 Bill in Lemon (Cliff Osman): a great effect with the minimum of effort
132 Flip Deal (M.A. Perovich: a novel flourish
133 Do As I Do - Extra (Dennis Sargeant and Graham Cheminais): One on my list of best tricks
137 Ring and String (Mark Leveridge): One of the most natural-looking sequences of moves devised
144 Giant Thimble-Rig: The Chop-cup-thimble game!
151 The Card on the Ceiling (Alfred B. Jones with ideas by Tudor Brock): A trick that has made reputations
155 Fabian's Final Curtain: another 'matching the cards'
159 Design for Laughter ( David Jones' favourite)
162 The Swinging Pendulum (Cliff Osman): A mystery and an enigma
164 Variation on the Rooklyn Top Palm: An excellent sleight
165 Five Coin Flourish (M.A. Perovich): His own variation on a classic
166 Vernon's Variant - Plus (As performed by Mike Boate)
171 Catching the Cube: A little pocket quickie
172 Super Six (Corvelo): A chosen card reverses
177 Fabian's Back to the House: The red and black Kings go on a Journey
181 More and More Amazement: A great packet card effect
185 Flight of the Phoenix (Ron Wilson): Fantastic routine with a borrowed ring and bill
189 Fluttering Hearts (Phil Goldstein): Released for the first time - a gem
194 Predicting Money in a Spectator’s Pocket (John Booth): Simplicity and Impact
198 The Spirit Hand Writes (John Booth): A great telephone book test
202 Slow Motion Coin Vanish (John Cornelius): A coin is broken into two invisible halves to become whole again
205 The Rovi Book Test: A feature from Rovi's own programme
210 Fold-A-Card (John Cornelius): A secret method revealed
212 Elmsley - Lewis Count: Ganson's own version of a Classic sleight
214 Drop the Box: a little novelty trick
215 Card in Crystal (Will Ayling): A classic in Will's hands, maybe in yours too!
219 Remember and Porget (M.A. Perovich): An original version of a Vernon trick
221 Seven Card Monte: A routine with a built-in twist
227 Andre Robert's Green Carpet: Tremendous action-packed card routine