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Ganson, Lewis: Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets of Card Magic
©1961 Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studio
©1970's The Supreme Magic Company
Hardcover, 88 pages
E-book version available from
Ganson: More
              Inner Secrets
Harry Stanley edition
Image courtesy e-Bay seller JayandLefty
Dai Vernon's More
              Inner Secrets of Card Magic
Supreme Magic Co. edition
Image courtesy e-Bay seller OurMagic

Comments (Uli Weigel): Photography by Lewis Ganson. Another classic book with plenty of classic effects and techniques. The original "Twisting The Aces" is within these pages, as well as the famous "100$ Ace Routine", Vernon's "Oil and Water", mental masterpiece "Out of Sight-Out of Mind", great Chapters on the Riffle Shuffle, the Force and Crimps. A must.


4 Introduction

5 Chapter One: Twisting the Aces

9 Chapter Two: Think of a Card
9 Simple Arithmetic
12 Riffled Thought
13 Think of an Ace
14 Out of Sight-Out of Mind
16 Thought Transposed

20 Chapter Three: Oil and Water

26 Chapter Four: McDonald's $100 Routine

31 Chapter Five: The Notis Cascade

34 Chapter Six: Mainly Manipulaton
34 Allen Shaw's Card Production
36 Cardini's Card Production
38 Mosquito Parade

41 Chapter Seven: Magic With the Riffle Shuffle
41 Basic Formation of a Step
43 The Pull Through Shuffle
47 The Pull Out Shuffle
49 Retaining the Top Stock
49 Zarrow Füll Deck Control
51 Side Riffle Cut.
52 Transferring a Bottom Stock to the Top
53 Reversal of Bottom Cards
54 To Keep the Colours Separated
55 To Bring Cards to the Top

57 Chapter Eight: Crimps
57 Top Card Crimp
57 Corner Crimp
58 Whole Pack Crimp
58 Cut Crimp
59 Spring Crimp
60 Mexican Joe's Crimp
60 Snap Crimp

63 Chapter Nine: Cards to Pocket

70 Chapter Ten: Forcing A Card
70 The Classic Force
71 The Malini Force
72 The Riffle Force
73 Fan Force
74 Back to Back Force

76 Chapter Eleven: The Trick that Cannot Be Explained

82 Chapter Twelve: Vernon Touches
82 The Vernon Glide
84 The Push-Off Count
86 The Buckle Count