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Ganson, Lewis: Dai Vernon's Inner Secrets of Card Magic
1959 Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studio
1976 The Supreme Magic Company
Hardcover, 74 pages
E-book version available from
Dai Vernon's Inner Secrets of Card Magic
Image courtesy The Magic Gadget Site

Comments ( Uli Weigel): Photography by Lewis Ganson. Valuable Chapters on thread work and color changes. A Classic. Highly recommended.


3 Foreword
4 Preface
5 Introduction

7 Chapter One - Taking Things Easy
7 Emotional Reaction
10 Cocktail Cards
12 The Bent Corner Prediction
14 Colour Separation

17 Chapter Two: A Little Thought Required
17 Repeat "Do As I Do"
19 Four of a Kind
22 Matching the Cards
25 Dai Vernon's Colour Changing Pack

27 Chapter Three: Hanging By a Thread
27 The Rising Cards
30 The Pack that Cuts Itself
33 The Walking and Jumping Card

35 Chapter Four: Novel Knowledge
35 To Show the Top Card
36 The Ginsburg Poke
38 Jumbo Surprise
39 Elastic Touch
40 Time to Change

43 Chapter Five: Colour Changes
43 Tenkai's Colour Change
45 Al Altmann's Double Colour Change
47 Dai Vernon's "Picking Off the Pip"
49 Erdnase Plus Vernon
50 Dai Vernon's "No Palm" Colour Change
51 Dai Vernon's Pinch Colour Change
52 Dai Vernon's French Drop Colour Change
53 Bob Hummer's Visual Change
55 Cliff Green's Visual Change

57 Chapter Six: Dexterous Deception
57 Production of Cards with Fingers Interlocked
63 Bob Hummer's Variation

65 Chapter Seven: The Notis Stop Trick

69 Chapter Eight: Mexican Trickery
69 Sure-Fire Showdown
70 Bathroom Strippers

71 Chapter Nine: Miracles Take a Little Longer
71 The Chinese Second Deal
74 The Shooting Single Handed Deal
75 Look Up