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Ganson, Lewis: Dai Vernon's Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic
©1961 Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studio
©1978 Supreme Magie Co. Ltd., Fourth impression
Photography by Lewis Ganson
Hardcover, 72 pages
E-book version available from
Futher Inner
              Secrets of Card Magic
Image Courtesy e-Bay seller TSGIBooks

Comments ( Uli Weigel): Strong Effects and special chapters on Palming and Changes. Highly recommended.


4 Foreword: Ken Brooke

5 Chapter One: The Four Blue Backed Aces

9 Chapter Two: Blindfold Poker Deal

11 Chapter Three: Cards of Coincidence

15 Chapter Four: Three Card Monte

23 Chapter Five: Larry Grey's "Cards Across"

25 Chapter Six: More Novel Knowledge
25 To Shuffle a Certain Number of Cards Above a Selected Card
27 Plunger Location
28 Card from Pocket
29 Switching a Card in an Envelope
31 Double Lift From Fan
33 Staring Hirn in the Face

35 Chapter Seven: Palming
35 Top Palm.
39 Other Methods Of Palming
40 To Palm a Card From the Pack With the Gambler's Palm
41 One Handed Palm
42 Second Gambler's Palm
44 Springing a Card into the Gambler's Palm Position
45 Some Useful Notes on Palming

48 Chapter Eight: Dealing Seconds
48 Dai Vernon's Second Deal
51 Single Handed Method
52 Dai Vernon's "New Theory" Second Deal
53 A Quick Trick

54 Chapter Nine: The Card Puzzle

57 Chapter Ten: Another Larry Grey Trick

63 Chapter Eleven: Changes
63 The Top Change
66 The Bottom Change
66 One-Handed Card Change
67 Harry Lorraine's Change For Four Cards

69 Chapter Twelve: Two Tricks
69 Dai Vernon's Version of "Everywhere and Somewhere"
71 Matching Any Number of Cards