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Ganson, Lewis: Colour Changing Knife Routine
1999 D. Robbins & Co., Inc.; Electrofun, India (Sam Dalal)
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 11 pages, with props
Colour Changing Pocket Knife
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Ganson knives

Comments: Effect comes with inexpensive India import three knife set consisting of red, white, blue, and striped colors, a two knife holder made of brass, and the routine from Routined Manipulation II. The knives are horrible as knives (some of them barely open), but are of decent size and shape for the required sleights. The price is good at about $10-15. There is also a similar knife set available with a "generic" routine and a similar set of knives in different colors.


1 Introduction
3 The Colour Changing Pocket Knife
3 The Type of Knife to Use
3 A Convenient Holder
4 Methods of Making the Knife "Twist": 3 methods
6 Three Vanishes
8 The Knife Changes Colours Whilst Held by Spectator
9 To Change One Knife for Another
10 The Routine and Patter: Magician patters that only a white knife can be vanished. While cleaning the white knife, it changes to blue, un-noticed by the magician. The vanish fails, but instead the knife changes back to white. Magician tries a different method to vanish the knife, but is caught with his right hand going to his pocket. He opens his hand to show that yes, the knife is there. Vanish is attempted in spectator's hand, but the knife turns red instead. Knife is cleaned again and changes back to white. Finally the knife is placed under a handkerchief and held by the spectator so it can vanish. It fails to vanish again, but is now red, blue, and yellow striped and can be examined.