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Ganson, LewisColombini's Cups and Balls
Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series
©1981 The Supreme Magic Co. Ltd, Photographs by Lewis Ganson
Paper, stapled, 26 pages

Colombini Cups and Balls
Image from Magicref

Aldo Colombini's Cups & Balls routine from the late 1970's. Features many B&W photographs taken from a film of Aldo taken specifically for this book. Routine utilizes a set of three cups, originally by Morrisey Products, and five balls. Three large balls are used for the final load, and two bags are used to hold the balls and the cups. A wand and close-up mat complete the required apparatus.


5 Introduction: Lewis Ganson
7 The Cups and Balls: The Colombini Presentation
9 Set-Up, Getting Ready
10 The Optical Move: suggests that the inside of each cup is shown while placing them all mouth-down
10 The Can-Can Move: Each cup is tossed hand to hand, without revealing the hidden balls
12 The Tilt Move: First ball penetration
14 The Flying Catch: balls resting on top of inverted cups are "wriggled" underneath
15 The Traveling Balls: Balls move from cup to cup
16 Ball Through Table, Hand and Cup: more penetrations
18 Miller Penetration: Charlie Miller move as described in the Dai Vernon Book of Magic
19 The Balls Penetrate Two Cups
20 The Ultimate Vanish: a ball vanishes when two cups are clashed together, and the cups are shown empty
22 The Final Load: performing the loading
25 The Climax: revealing the three loads
26 Conclusion