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Ganson, Lewis: A New Look at the Okito Box
Ganson's Magic Teach-In Series
©1983 1st edition The Supreme Magic Co. Ltd
Paper, stapled, 45 pages
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A New Look At
              The Okito Box
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Comments ( In 1911, Okito was in partnership with Joe Klein in a magic shop on Broadway, New York. Joe suffered from indigestion and kept his boxes of pills in a drawer in the shop. Okito often handled the pill boxes and noticed that the lid would fit on both bottom and top and in each case, the box looked the same. He had some made up in metal instead of cardboard, of such a size as to take coins and so the "Okito Coin Box" was born. Since they were first marketed by the Bamberg Magic and Novelty Company, dealers all over the world have manufactured and sold these boxes. Different ideas have been incorporated, such as weighting the bottom to make it turn over easily. You will learn all the basic moves as well as many advanced techniques. Lewis Ganson included a chapter on magnetic coins and how they can be used in combination with the Okito Box. There is also a routine, "Boston Two Step", by Alex Elmsley using the Boston Box. There is no better place to start studying the Okito Coin Box. This was part of the famous Ganson Teach-In series originally published by Supreme Magic Inc. Rights are now owned by Martin Breese.


4 Contents
5 Introduction: about OKITO and the development of the Okito Box

7 The Basic Moves: introduction
7 The Okito Turnover Move: the essential move
9 The Toss From Hand to Hand: a casual fooler
9 Righting The Box: while dropping the bottom from the lid
10 Blu-Tack: as a replacement for magician's wax

11 Some Basic Effects
11 Coin through Box and Hand: simple effect utilizing the basic move
12 Coin through Card: variation on above, but coin falls thru card into a glass
13 Repeat Penetration through Card: credited to Horowitz for an approach to repeating the card penetration

15 Magnetic Coins: how to apply them in use, a move by Bob Gill described, Eddie Gibson's Coin Unique, and Rink's discovery of magnetic plastic

17 Routines:
17 Two Times Ten: a 2p and 10p coin penetrate a cigarette packet. Uses the Coin Unique gimmick
23 Box Clever (Bob Gill): Clean penetrations using an Okito Box, two identical magnetic coins, a card, and a small glass
27 Sympathetic Okito (Aldo Colombini): three coins join a fourth coin when covered with a Jumbo card, including one coin in an Okito box. Uses the Okito Box, four coins, a Jumbo card, and a close-up mat.Aldo performs one move seated, and Lewis provides an alternative in case you need to perform standing.
33 Boston Two Step (Alex Elmsley): Routine originally from Gen Vol 17, No. 3, updated a bit. Uses a Boston Box.

36 Additional Moves With the Okito Box
36 Colombini Turnover Move: as the box is transferred from hand to hand
37 Turnover Move After Gus Davenport: another method in a hand to hand transfer
38 Variation on Kaplan's Righting Move: George Kaplan's method of righting the base and then a variation by Lewis
39 Edward J McLaughlin's Moves with the Okito Box:
39 - Placing the Cover on the Bottom of the Box - Using One Hand
40 - Placing the Coin Between the Bottom of the Box and the Lid
41 - Visible Penetration of Coin Through Bottom of Box
42 - Placing the Lid on the Bottom of the Box - Using Both Hands
43 - Variation For Placing The Lid on the Bottom of the Box
43 - Transfer of Open Box From Hand to Hand

45 Conclusion: for further study, see Mohammad Bey's Routine With the Okito Coin Box; Ed Marlo's Coining Magic; George Kaplan's The Fine Art of Magic; and Robert Gill's Magic As A Performing Art