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Gann, Ronnie: The Wizard of Odds
©1964 Max Holden's Magic Studio
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 38 pages
Wizard of Odds
Image courtesy eBay seller Nikonslr
Ronnie Gann: The Wizard of Odds

Comments: Illustrated by Norman Howe. Available as an eBook from

Contents (from book):

3 A Message from Garcia (Frank Garcia)
4 Introduction
5 Performing Close-Up Magic
7 An Experiment in Lapping

8 Follow the Leader - In Reverse: King and Four Indifferent cards become four Aces, with Kings reversed in the deck
11 Note-Worthy: Magician predicts which of three notes will be selected
13 What The?: Magician slams the pips of the chosen card off the card
15 Coin-A-Matic: hoo-coin vanish
17 The No Bell Surprise: a sort-of two card Monte with bell cards and a small bell
20 Pentracig: marked cigarette penetrates a bundled handkerchief
22 Just One of the Crowd: a card story where the face vanishes, the back vanishes, the card becomes whole, etc.
26 Liquid Finish For Cup and Ball Routine: clever
28 Kaptain Kidd's Korny Kutlass: torn and restored cigarette paper and tiny sword
30 Ashes to Ashes: approach for the ashes on the spectator's palm
31 It's a Joke(r), Son!: Joker and selection transpose, then selection turns into another Joker
33 Cig-Ud-One!: Another torn and restored cigarette paper
35 The Little Card That Wasn't There...Or Was It? Magician apparently misses at selecting a matching card, but at the end, the cards match
37 It's About Time!: the time on a card matches that on the spectator's watch