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Futagawa, Shigeo: European CoinMagic Symposium 2010
©2010 Magic House
Softcover, 7x10", 40 pages
European Coinmagic
Image courtesy US Toy Magic
Shigeo Futagawa: European Coin Magic Symposium 2010

Comments: Symposium was held November 26 & 27, 2010 in Milan.
Note: most of the descriptions say there are 8 effects, but then list only 7 in the contents...

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Acropolis Coins (Jean Emmanuel Franzis)
2 Three Coins Routine (Toni Cachadina)
3 Flash Coin Re-Lit (Eric Jones)
4 Stand-up Coins Across (Giacomo Bertini)
5 Reverse Coin Purse (Eric Roumestan)
6 The Trap Door (Lawrens Godon)
7 Coin Into Paper Balloon (Shigeo Futagawa)