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Furman, Frederick F.: Domino Deceptions
©1919 1st Edition, F.G. Thayer, Los Angeles, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 14 pages
Domino Deceptions
Image courtesy e-Bay seller MagicCollectiblesPlus

Comments: Available as an e-Book from the Conjuring Arts Research Center

Contents (partial contents only; missing pages 10-14)

1 Foreword

2 Part I Some Old Ones
2 The End Numbers
2 The Twenty Domino Trick
3 The Upside-Down Game

4 Part II New Adaptions
4 The Domino Case
5 The Changing Spots
5 The Sphinx Domino Trick
6 Reading a Set of Dominoes
7 The Hook Domino and Its Uses
7 The Mysterious Tapping

8 Part III Some Ideas to Try Out
8 The Shell Domino
8 The Palming Domino
8 Forcing a Domino
9 The Sense of Touch
9 Color Transposition