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Fulves, Karl: Swindle & Cheat
©1991 Karl Fulves, Teaneck, NJ
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 71 pages
Swindle & Cheat
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Karl Fulves: Swindle and Cheat

Comments: From Martin Gardner's Introduction: "In recent years a number of game situations involving dice, cards, and roulette have been discovered in which mind-boggling probability paradoxes are generated by nontransitive relations. Karl Fulves is the first to investigate in depth how these paradoxes can be applied to all sorts of sucker bets and magic tricks. His valuable book pulls together a bewildering variety of such paradoxes, to which Karl has added many variations and new ideas of his own. For those who enjoy exploring those bizarre regions where math and magic overlap, this book will open endless fascinating pathways."


1 Introduction (Martin Gardner)
2 Preface

4 Sporting Events
4 Spot Check
5 Rapid Transitive
6 Tri Color
6 Shareholder
7 Dominant Dice
8 A Penny Saved
10 High Stebbins
14 Alien Dice
15 Digit Detective
16 Post Position
19 Paper Hanger
20 Cheshire Cat
23 Crossroader
24 High Dice

25 Square Numbers
25 The Basic Squares
29 Alien Numbers
30 Twofer
31 The Advantage Player

34 Games Without Numbers
34 Paper Race
35 Chain Reaction
38 Short Straw
39 Playing The Slots
41 Threesome
42 The Right Bettor
43 Road Race
46 Code Nine
48 Jan-Ken-Ponder
49 Pathways

52 Markers
52 Simple Sets
54 Unequal Sets
56 Flat Dice
58 Parity Dice
60 House Dice
63 High Percentage Games
65 3 Blind Dice
67 Little Bingo
69 Odds On

71 Bibliography