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Fulves, Karl: The Shamrock Code; The Parallel Principle
©1979 Karl Fulves
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 48 pages
Shamrock Code
              Parallel Principle
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Comments: Part I deals with the Shamrock Code, a silent code that can be learned in 30 seconds. Part II is an impromptu, non-sleight, borrowed deck card discovery.


4 Part I
4 Simple Ciphers
5 Enciphering Technique
6 The Shamrock Code
8 Tips on Handling
11 21 A coin trick
12 Plaintext Cards: Card Location
14 Counter Deception
15 Enciphering Court Cards
17 Suit Interrogation
19 X Ray Vision: a card revealed
20 "Turning" The Spectator
22 Fooling the Confederate
22 The Date Problem

24 Part II
24 Clocking the Deck: Speed Method
25 The Rundown
27 Ambiguous Totals
28 Suppressed Fives
29 The Deuce Subtracted
30 The Parallel Principle
30 The Parallel Locator
33 Matchlock: revealing two cards
35 Expanded Sum
38 Future Key
39 Blocking
41 Blocking With the Faro
43 Leverage
45 Fooling the Confederate
47 Parallax