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Fulves, Karl: Self-Working Paper Magic
81 Foolproof Tricks
©1985 Karl Fulves, Published by Dover Publishing
Illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt
Paper, perfect-bound, 160 pages, 5.375x8.5"
ISBN: 048624847X

Fulves Paper

Comments: 80 easy-to-perform paper miracles: make a piece of newspaper disappear, link paper rings magically, tricks with dollar bills, tricks with paper bags, animated paper folds, make "living" paper dolls, mind-reading tricks with file cards, much more. Essential tricks for amateur and professional alike. 367 illustrations.


1 Magic With Paper
1 Japanese Checkers (Shigeo Takagi): sheet of paper cut into 12 squares and dropped in bag, but when removed, all squares are connected
3 Probability Zero (Paul Curry): Magician writes numbers on cards and places them face down on table. Spectator points to cards one at a time, and they are numbered 1-9 and stacked in order. The spectator's numbers match the magicians. Clever use of a packet of about 20 cards.
5 Probable Poker: Two "pat" hands are removed from the deck. Spectator mixes them and directs magician to deal them into 2 piles, resulting in the 2 pat hands.
7 The Magic Mailbox (George Jarshaur): a sort of "Z-fold" wallet made from paper used in a mailbox theme. Other ideas could be developed.
11 X-It: Spectator draws an X on a paper behind his back and gives it to magician (still face down). Magician threads a needle through the paper behind his back, and it goes right through the center of the X. Has a bit of risk to it in my opinion, but presents another variation with less risk.
12 Catching the News: during a paper catching stunt, the paper vanishes and is found in the pocket. Only one ball of paper is used. Based on a coin vanish by William Ball featured in The Sphinx.
14 Matches to Go: Effect starts similar to above,  but with a matchbook. Magician shows it is done "with his sleeves", and matchbook penetrates the sleeve.
15 Pendragon Rings: a cardboard ring moves from spectator's arm to his neck. Then a 2nd ring links to the 1st.
18 Paradox Papers (Martin Gardner): Paper with numbers is folded and cut up, and evens end up face-up, odds face-down. With presentation ideas.

21 Money Magic
21 Mind vs. Money: Magician tells serial numbers on borrowed bills
23 Double Your Money: folding a single dollar to look like two, with a suggested stunt
25 X Marks the Spot: 4 bills dropped in glasses. Spectator picks a room map and goes to the X. One bill has vanished from glass, and is found at the X.
27 Dollar Flight: a $5 and $1 change places under envelopes
30 The Coin Fold: the basic fold described
31 Bank by Mail: a coin vanishes from a "deposit slip" and is found in the bankbook. Uses coin fold.
33 Slow-Motion Money (U.F. Grant): a $1 and $5 bill switch using a slightly gimmicked $1
35 The Dollar-Bill Ring: how to fold it
37 Real or Counterfeit? a dollar ring and a spectator's ring are each placed in a different spectator's hand. Magician can tell who has the dollar ring.

38 Psychic Mysteries
38 Psychometric Detective: Magician solves a murder mystery using the center tear principle
40 The Hometown Test: Spectators address "letters" to their hometowns. Magician places them in a bag and pulls them out one at a time, revealing the hometown and returning the correct envelope to who wrote it.
42 Deluxe Headline Reading: Magician correctly predicts which headline will be selected by the spectator
45 A Name in Millions: Spectator selects name at random from a page in a telephone book in an unusual way. Magician determines the last name.
46 Celebrity Sweepstakes: Spectators shout out celebrity names which the magician writes down and puts in a hat. He writes a prediction, spectator selects a paper, and the prediction matches
47 Locked Thoughts: Three numbers provided by spectators are added and the total unlocks the combination lock (confederate)
48 Little Albert: Magician writes a prediction word on a card and initials the back. Spectator chooses any book and finds a word. Magician writes the word on a second card and writes the spectator's name on the back. Both cards are revealed, and the words match.

51 Paper Capers: stunts and puzzles
51 Visualization Test: a paper is folded and a single cut made: how many holes should result?
52 Decepta Die: a cut paper is opened and the holes shown to match the roll of a die
53 Living Doll: paper dolls "dance" above a cup of hot tea
54 Reaching Through a Playing Card: how to cut a "hole" in a card so you can put your whole arm through it.
55 Stretching a Dollar Bill: how to cut it so it can be "stretched" like an accordion
56 Square Dance (Henry Dudeny): challenge the spectator to cut a square with two clowns on it to form 2 smaller squares
58 Eight Squares (Kobon Fumimure): a pure puzzle to determine in what order a layer of papers were lain down
59 The Genius Test: can you remove the rings and string from the playing card without tearing it?
59 The Other Genius Test: another card puzzle
61 The Money Tree: making a newspaper tree, with an idea for adding a bit of magic
63 The Magic Flute: making paper flutes

65 Amazing Animals
65 Rupert the Great: Rupert the envelope creature helps locate the spectator's card
67 Hungry Dog: a dog "sits up" with this paper fold
69 Houdini Hound: a brown paper bag dog finds a card when his "dog bone" changes into the selection!
73 The Shadow: a dog picture is shown with a closed eye, but when put in an envelope, the shadow shows the eye is open
75 Snapper: a folded paper "duck" finds the paper that has the spectator's true weight on it (center tear)
77 Rabbit Ears (Jack Chanin): a paper fold to make a rabbit with flapping ears
78 The Educated Rabbit: the rabbit above answers questions by flapping when placed in a paper cup

80 More Paper Magic
80 Double Cross: a paper is torn into 8 and some x's placed on 4 pieces and burned. The x's transfer to the other papers
82 Murder by Memory: in a chosen book at a friends house, magician can describe any page chosen (choose method is a 1 of 4 force)
83 Take a Vacation: in this ruse, the magician apparently determines three cards chosen by three different audience members
85 Animal Crackers: a variation of the famous "paper balls over the head" effect
87 Sprightly Soda: a cup of soda in a paper bag is crushed, to find the cup back in a hat
88 The Buddha Papers: a coin is wrapped in paper, but when the paper is unwrapped, the coin is gone.
89 Improved Buddha Papers: One index from a set of 5 black cards is chosen and placed in the papers. When opened, only the selection is face up, and the other indexes have turned to red!
90 The Lesson (Al Baker): With two news articles on a high mantle, magician can tell which is selected by the spectator using this scientific principle
91 Darkroom Effect: a hole is torn in a napkin and it is placed around a table leg. Spectators hold down the table and the lights go out, yet when turned back on, the napkin has transferred to another table leg
92 Tell the Truth: a tricky method to determine who has the $5 bill vs. two others with $1 bills
93 Spot Remover: a pencil is apparently pushed through a spectator's sport coat.

96 Cardboard Conjuring
96 Tailor's Ghost: blank "shirt cardboards" are shown; spectator states shirt size, and this appears on one board (must know spec's shirt size before starting)
99 A Winter's Tale: spectator picks the caption that matches the photo chosen by the magician
100 Mind Scan: mathematical puzzle using two cardboards to reveal the spectator's choice
102 V.I.P. (Aage Darling, George Kaplan): Magician determines the names of 6 Presidents written down by the spectators
105 Jet Thought: (J.G. Thompson, Jr.): Magician writes a city name on a card, Spectator guess the card when given a free choice of 6
107 Think of President: version with naming a president
108 Soup To Nuts (Martin Gardner): Spectator picks items of menu cards, total price matches Magician's prediction. Clever!

111 Robert E. Neale's Paper Magic
111 Confetti: Confetti seems to vanish in a paper tube, then pours out
112 The Trapdoor: Spectator holds a cut playing card such that the card is above his hand, yet when he closes his eyes, magician causes it to rest below his hand. The spectator's grip never leaves the card
114 TV Puzzle: puzzle is to fold a given paper such that a happy face appears in a cut out hole
116 Inside Out: A tube is flexed and seems to instantly turn inside out
117 Stripes Make You Thinner: box above used in a cute trick
118 Stretchit: Companion to Inside Out - this tube changes shape
119 Flexible Transpo: an effect using two Stretchit tubes where they seem to change placed
120 Stretch a Bill: variation using a dollar bill
121 Neale's Shortage Wallet: a switching wallet made from a single sheet of paper
123 The Con Artist: a swindle demonstration using the shortage wallet

127 Further Paper Magic
127 The Mystic Star (Will Goldston): teaches a nice false turnover move
130 Almost Certainly: above move used to present a spirit message
131 Endpapers: Spectator and magician fold papers, and magician punches through his, making what should be 4 holes. When opened, only three holes are found, one has transferred to the spectator's paper.
133 Sharpshooter: Performer makes a "bang gun" out of paper that reveals the card selection
135 The Boys from the Girls: a mix of boys and girls names written on a paper are cut, and come out in a different mix than anticipated
137 Correcting Fluid: clever paper fold changes a wrong prediction to a right one
138 The Captain's Shirt: a clever newspaper tearing story with boats, hats, and a shirt!
142 Almanac Affinity: four page numbers from a newspaper are added, that page is turned to in an almanac, and the performer knows what's on that page
144 "Mirror, Mirror": Spectator's first and last name "reverse" when seen in a mirror in an unexpected way
146 Magic with Paper Magic: a prediction effect using a feature that's built-into the Self-Working Paper Magic book!