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Fulves, Karl: Self-Working Card Tricks
©1976, Published by Dover Publications, Inc.
Illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt
Paper, perfectbound, 113 pages, 5.375x8.5"
ISBN: 0486233340
Self Working Card Tricks
Image from Dover Publications

Comments: 72 self-working card tricks. Nice mix of simple and complex effects.


1 Card Locations
1 No-Clue Discovery: Cards dealt one at a time, magician knows when spectator's chosen card reached
4 A Sporting Proposition: Same principle as above, magician promises next card turned over will be spectator's card
6 Spello: Spelling to location of chosen card
8 The Lazy Magician: Spectator does all the work except for single cut
9 Trapped: Chosen card appears face down between two face up Aces
10 Whispering Joker: Joker whispers location of two chosen cards

12 Impromptu Card Routines
12 Any Deck, Any Time: Spectator's card found even though they shuffle
13 Mental Mates: Two decks with different back colors, magician and spectator choose same card
15 Deuces Wild: Spectator signs faces of four Deuces, chooses one, mixes them. Magician names chosen Deuce.
17 Rapid Transit: Two chosen cards change places.
19 Z-Ray: Card is chosen, has mystery symbol drawn on it. Magician deals cards one at a time, stops just before dealing symbol.
21 Matching Matches: Two spectators choose unknown number of matches from pile. Magician shows cards, asks spectators to remember cards
in position equal to number of matches. Magician reveals both cards at once.
22 The Magic 13: Based on the same principle as above, but spectators choose numbers that add up to 13 instead of matches.

24 Poker Deals
25 Lesson In Larceny: Spectator deals themselves a straight.
26 Automatic Poker: Written prediction matches hand spectator deals themselves. Magician's hand beats spectator's.
28 Naming the Aces: Magician allows spectator to shuffle cards and then names order in which Aces will appear going through the deck.
29 The Three Jacks Deal: A series of three card hands are dealt between spectator and magician culminating in three Jacks for magician.
31 Cutting the Aces: Spectator handles cards and deals four piles. Top card in each pile is King, second card down in each is Ace.
33 The Bridge Hustler: Spectator shuffles deck, magician removes all Clubs, spectator deals three hands, all Diamonds in one hand, Hearts in
another, etc.
34 Aces Up: After several shuffles, Aces wind up on top.
35 Poker Expert Outdone: Mediocre hand changes to Royal Flush, but Ace has different colored back.

38 Coincidence Tricks
38 Do As I Do: Using different decks spectator and magician choose the same card.
39 The One-Deck Version: Same as above but only one deck is used.
40 Child's Play: Two cards chosen, two piles dealt simultaneously, chosen cards same number of cards down in each pile.
41 Unseen Powers: Spectator and magician chose cards which turn out to be same suit.
43 Double Disclosure: Similar to Child's Play but two spectators handle cards.
44 Ultra Coincidence: Similar to Do As I Do but different method.

46 Mental Magic With Cards
46 The Card Revealed: Spectator thinks of number, counts that many cards down in deck and remembers card. Magician reveals number chosen
and shows selected card on top of deck.
47 The Haunted Name: Spectator initials back of card, buries it in deck. Magician looks at faces, initials one. Both initials on same card.
48 Thought Speller: Card thought of by one spectator is found at number thought of by another.
49 The Duplex Mind: Two selections revealed with help of mystic amulet.
51 Pre-Figured: Magician chooses card. Spectator thinks of any non-face card, does some simple computations based on value. Final
total is two-digit number. Value of spectator's card first digit, magician's second.
52 Three On A Match: Three spectators choose card from packet. Packet spread to show all red except one. All three spectators chose
black card.
54 Computer Mind: Spectator thinks of card, moves cards from top to bottom of deck depending on value, magician names card.
55 The Stop Trick: Spectator's card found using number merely thought of by another.
56 Sensitive Fingertips: Spectator shuffles deck, magician places it behind back, names top six cards without looking.
57 Think of An Ace: Spectator thinks of an Ace, finds it in deck. Magician names Ace without touching cards.
58 Pocket Prediction: Prediction card selected by magician twin to chosen card.
59 Psychic Magnet: Rising card effect.
61 Fate #1: Dice used to determine how many cards to deal, top cards of two packets dealt are both Jacks.
62 Fate #2: Spectator rolls dice, deals cards based on total. Chosen card's value matches number on one die selected before dealing.
63 Double Prophet: Two sealed predictions of selected cards are correct.

66 Test Conditions
66 Blind Dice #1: Spectator rolls dice to determine chosen card. Magician immediately finds it.
67 Blind Dice #2: Same as above but with three dice instead of two.
68 Hocus-Pocus: Magician removes selected card from three in spectator's pocket.
70 Out of Sight: Magician removes card from deck without looking. Matches chosen card.
71 Long Distance: Spectator's chosen card named over phone.
72 The Phone Miracle: Another phone trick with different method.
74 A Card and A Number: Card chosen by one spectator appears at number chosen by another.
75 Magic By Proxy: Spectator chooses card, phone rings and number of rings tell where card is in deck.
77 Signed, Sealed And Delivered: Card predicted in advance via mail.
79 Strange Secrets: Effects using a "stranger" card.
79 Impossible Location: Spectator's card travels to pocket ... twice.
81 Slim Chance: Spectator's card only one in deck with different back.
82 The Blue Phantom: Two selected cards found, second one has contrasting back color.
84 It's In The Bag: Cards and case dropped into bag. Chosen card inside case.

86 Revelations
86 The 3 1/2 of Clubs: The "1/2" refers to a half dollar found along with card.
87 The Geiger Counter Card Trick: Card run along ribbon spread makes clicking noise, gets louder near selected card.
89 Opposites Attract: Spectator selects four cards from packet of eight. In each case, a King is paired with a Queen.
90 60 Seconds Flat: Spectator's card turns face up in middle of deck.
91 Personality: Spectator shuffles packet, magician predicts ratio of face up to face down cards.
92 Jumping Joker: Joker visibly pops out as the deck is riffled. Below it is the selected card.
94 Calculator Cards: Spectator's card turns up exactly six and three quarters from the top.
95 Process of Elimination: Cards squared with deck push other cards out other side. Eventually only the spectator's card is left.
97 The Joker Knows: Joker used to find spectator's card eventually turns into it.
98 The Controlled Cut: The spectator cuts to the seven of hearts, selected card seven cards down.

100 Miracles With Cards
100 Follow the Leader: Three red cards and three black cards change places.
103 Mental Miracle: Spectator's card located without looking.
104 Twins: Two decks, two selections, two Jokers change into selections, which match.
106 O. Henry Card Trick: Magician predicts spectator's card, shown to be only red card in packet.
107 Astro Twins: Spectators switch places, so do their cards.
109 Topsy-Turvy: Two chosen cards reversed in deck held by spectator.
111 Quick As A Wink: Deck thrown from one hand to the other leaves behind three cards: both black aces with spectator's chosen card between them.