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Fulves, Karl: Packet Switches Part 5
©1977 Karl Fulves
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 78 pages
Packet Switches Part
Image courtesy e-Bay seller KochMagic



276 Tabled Top Change I
279 Tabled II
281 Tabled III
282 Tabled IV
284 Slick Ace (Karl Fulves)
285 Tabled V
286 Face-Up Switch I
287 Face-Up II
288 Dead Deck Steal
289 And Counting (Karl Fulves)
292 Add-On Subtract
294 In Re Hofzinser (Karl Fulves)
298 Bottom Deal Switch
299 Boomerang Switch
300 Hand To Hand Toss (Gene Maze)
302 Square-Up Bottom Steal
304 Four On The Floor (Karl Fulves)
305 Maze Fan Steal
307 Finger Roll Switch
308 The Deal Switch
312 Vanish From Sandwich
313 The Sandwich Switch
317 Switch Plus Hand-To-Hand Transfer
320 Spread Swindle (Karl Fulves)
322 Carte Blanche (Karl Fulves)
324 Signed Card To Wallet (Gene Maze)
326 Spectator Aces (Gene Maze)
329 Trapped In The Deck (Gene Maze)
332 The Visitor Returns (Gene Maze)
334 A Case In Mind (Gene Maze)
335 The Second Deal Lap
336 Triple Coincidence (Gene Maze)
337 Twin Transpo (Gene Maze)
338 No Cover Aces (Gene Maza)
340 Illusion Only (Gene Maze)
341 Tha Magnetic Card (Gene Maze)
342 Manhattan Transfer (Gene Maze)
344 Jack In The Box (Gene Maze)