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Fulves, Karl: Milennium Aces
©1981 Karl Fulves, Teaneck, NJ
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 7x8.5", 92 pages
Millenium Aces
Image courtesy e-Bay seller KochMagic

Comments (KochMagic): "This is a booklet on applications of the half-pass. Included are some very clever methods for this sleight, including the easy to do Neil Elias half-pass. The mechanics are described in great detail. Don’t PASS up this great book."


1 Death And Taxes
3 The Masked Pass
8 The Concept of Cover

14 Frontorback
16 Establishing Shots
17 LePaul Spread (Paul LePaul)
20 Choice Triumph
22 The Masking Effect
25 Milemmium Aces
31 Technical Knockout

36 Touched Heart
38 Shoot Out
39 Alter Ego
41 Over Pass
43 Under Pass
44 Gaffless Brainwave
45 Cull Substitute
46 Joker Thot
47 Scoring
47 Pass Key
50 Pass Partout
53 The Right Hand Pass
57 Half Ambitious
59 One Hand Half Passes

61 The Elias Half Pass (Neal Elias)
65 Lin Searles Half Passed Turnover (J, K. Hartman)
67 Foolzum
68 Flip Over
70 The Jiggle Pass (Bob Taylor & Neal Elias)
79 Turncolors
81 The Mechanical Reverse
83 Instant Aces (Larry Jennings)
86 The Bonfeld Half Pass (Murray Bonfeld)
88 Playback Poker
91 One Speed Reverse (Howard Lyons)