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Fulves, Karl: The Magic of Slydini...And More
©1976 Karl Fulves, Pub by Louis Tannen, Inc., NY
Hardcover, 2 volume set, 108 and 126 pages
Magic of
              Slydini...And More
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Jondb500

Comments (Jondb500): Two volume hardcover set, first is text (108 pgs), second is photographs (126 pgs). Several b&w plates throughout text volume. Pebbled black cloth, gold lettering. Over 900 photographs. The Supreme Magic Co. of England threatened suit if the title was not changed. Consequently, only around 125 copies survived as "The Magic of Slydini...And More". (Newer version was changed to "The Best of Slydini...And More)

Contents: (Chapter details update courtesy Denis Behr's ConjuringArchive)

Book One

1 Preface (Tony Spina)
3 Introduction
5 Slydini - A Brief Biography

11 Chapter 1 Basic Precepts

17 Chapter 2 Easy Routines and Moves
17 Sightless Vision: cards
18 Mongolian Clock
19 Impromptu Miracle: cards
20 Psychology - Too Good to Be True: coin vanish
21 The Sweep Technique
22 Sleeving
22 The Sleeving Switch
23 A Direct Palm
24 Slydini on the Mock Pass

26 Chapter 3 Basic Moves
26 The Fake Take
27 The Fake Drop
28 Applying the Moves: coins
28 Another Routine: coins
29 More on Coordination: with example
29 Leave and Take

32 Chapter 4 Fundamental Concepts of Slydini's Magic
34 Misdirection
35 The Retrieval
36 The Handling of the Misdirection Vanish
36 Miniature Misdirection
37 Timing: with simple routine  
40 Producing the Ball by Timing
40 The Revolve
43 The Imp Pass

45 Applying the Concepts
45 First Routine: vanish of match packet
46 Second Routine: vanish and reproduction of a ring
46 Third Routine: vanish and reappearance of a ball
47 Fourth Routine: vanish and recovery of a glass

49 More Slydini Moves
50 The Han Ping Chien Move
51 A Simple Routine
52 Slydini Technique for Palming a Cigarette
53 Copter Control: Card fan

54 The Purse Frame: sponge ball

59 Two Cigarette Routines
59 Destroyed and Restored Cigarette
61 Torn and Restored Lit Cigarette

63 Slydini's Coin Classics
63 Six Coins and English Penny
65 Six Coins and a Ring
67 Six Coins
68 Four Coin Routine
69 Two Coin Routine
70 One Coin Routine

75 The Helicopter Card

79 Paper Balls Over the Head

85 Poetry In Magic The Close Up Cigarette Production

91 New Card Moves
91 Drop Steal
92 Flat Tabled Palm
93 Card Mates
94 Card Mates - The Repeat

96 Paper Balls in the Box

100 Bonus Chapter
100 Gypsy Thread Trick
103 Production of a Glass of Liquid
105 The Slydini Switch

108 Addenda

Book Two

5 Chapter 1 The Basic Starting Position
6 Chapter 2 Easy Routines and Moves
11 Chapter 3 Basic Moves
16 Chapter 4 Fundamental Concepts of Slydini's Magic
25 Applying the Concepts
34 More Slydini Moves
41 The Purse Frame
48 Two Cigarette Routines
57 Slydini's Coin Classics
77 The Helicopter Card
83 Paper Balls Over the Head
91 Poetry In Magic The Close Up Cigarette Production
101 New Card Moves
108 Paper Balls in the Box
116 Bonus Chapter